It’s the goddamn gift that keeps on giving.

So, I recently developed plantar fasciitis in my right foot. It’s delightful. After spending about six months pretending that nothing was wrong, as I am known to do, I finally took action. I found out what the pain was, started doing stretches and exercises, bought inserts for my shoes, and made sure to sleep differently so I wasn’t pointing my toe at night. I cannot, however, ice my foot as so many like to suggest to me because I also have a … Read More

So… funny story. You know how everything was hopeless and awful? About that – it’s not so hopeless and awful now. I’m now a full time student at ASU online and will be finishing my degree by Spring 2018. So, that happened.

How I got here is a really long story, but I’m one quarter in now and, while amazingly exhausted, I’m so happy. Like, I don’t know when I’ve ever been so happy.

I’m in a new job with my company and I’m completely in love with my … Read More


Yesterday I thought something wonderful had happened. I received a call from the financial aid office at my community college and was told that I had been approved for financial aid. This was exciting and wonderful for more reasons than the obvious. I was elated. I began making plans for how I was going to use the money and for which classes I was going to take the next quarter. Additionally, I was going to be reimbursed for summer quarter, for which I had already paid. Between the reimbursement and … Read More