Huh… I Didn’t Expect That!

Here is a list of events that marked my weight loss and of things that I didn’t expect to result from weight loss.

 286 lbs – My boobs are deflating. Oh well, I did expect that.

 280 lbs – My face has lost most of the blob-ish-ness. It’s still chubby, but the definition is back

 279 lbs – I think that I have more eyelid… Nope, it’s just that the fat if receding from my brow and I can see more of my eyelids.

 278 lbs – Are my fingers longer? Nope, I guess they are just getting thinner too.

 277 lbs – My stomach and legs are meeting differently.

 276 lbs – The left side of my face seems to be losing the chub faster than the right. How funny!

 275 lbs – My fingers have gotten a little wrinkly. Hopefully the skin will adjust.

 274 lbs – I think that I grew new bones in my face. I didn’t used to have a jaw or cheek bones.

 270 lbs – My fingers aren’t wrinkly anymore.

 268 lbs – The left side of my permafrown is moving up… now it looks a little like I’ve had a stroke.

 266 lbs – Because there is less chub pushing on my nose it seems to sit differently. I’ve analyzed pictures and this isn’t just my imagination. My nose really looks a little different, less rounded at the tip.

 This one has no poundage associated with it but my period has gotten significantly heavier.

 262 lbs – My feet look smaller. Yes, I have confirmed that they are smaller with an old pair of shoes that officially fit.

 261 lbs – I found my backbone both literally and metaphorically.

 255 lbs – I’ve started to feel my hip bone when I am laying down.

 250 lbs – My collar bones are starting to stick out.

 248 lbs – My neck might exist afterall.

 246 lbs – My skin is officially starting to hang. Oh boo. I knew that this was coming, though.

 241 lbs – It’s official, I really do have collar bones and they stick out without me trying now.

 236 lbs – My skin is starting to bounce back, maybe this won’t be so bad after all.

 229 lbs – I can now see the bones in both my hands and my feet.

 229 lbs – I have ribs! They do exist after all. I can feel them when I lay down.