Progress Pictures

The Unofficial Before Picture: Taken October 24, 2009, Kept Hidden until June 1, 2010

 The First Progress Pic at 288.6lbs


 5/31 at 263.2lbs It’s the exact same outfit except for the mismatched socks. Notice how much longer the shirt looks on me this time. It also was dried a little too long so that’s why it’s tighter on me this time. My legs are still ridiculously short…


4/26 at 228.2lbs When I first looked at these pictures I didn’t think that there was that much of a difference. Then I got them on the screen.Besides the much better eyebrows, longer hair, and manicure/pedicure; there’s a huge difference here. Legs are still short. This is also a much smaller sized outfit. The original outfit is a XXL shirt and size 26 jeans. This one features a L shirt and size 20 jeans.