Why, hello there! I’m Kendra, welcome to Jogging In Stilettos!

By day I’m an administrative assistant for an engineering firm, but by night I’m a dancing, writing, and operatically training student with a perpetual identity crisis and a constant smile.

(Insert photo of me with the wrinkled nose)

I started my first blog in November of 2009 when I decided that 296lbs wasn’t a good look for me and that I wanted more from life than I could have at that weight. Clearly attention whoring myself on the internet was the best option for motivation, and it worked! While writing at Kendra Through The Looking Glass I lost 77.6lbs. After a few months of spotty posting and 26lbs of regain, I decided that I needed to rebrand and start fresh with a shorter and slightly less dorky name.

In those months I got a new job, started formally training with a voice teacher again, started working with someone to get over the trauma that caused the weight regain, and started to get an idea of what I’d like life to look like for me. After all, I had just spent a year losing my religion, transitioning to life as a downtown Seattle urbanite, finding and losing love for the first time, recovering from sexual assault, and discovering who I really am at the core of it all.

After all of that I feel like I’ve got some brand new bones.

It’s time, now, to see what those bones can do.

I don’t have any set goal weight because I don’t want to fixate on some arbitrarily chosen number (and fixate I would) that has nothing to do with my health, muscle mass, fat percentage, body shape, or overall happiness. I have an idea of what I’d like to look and feel like and what I’d like to be able to do athletically. Those things are where my real goals lie.

I share my life not just for the sake of attention whoring; I believe that everyone’s story is important. It’s been a rough road thus far; after all, look at how I got here. Through all of that, I’ve discovered a strength and courage I never imagined I had; things I’ll need as I forge a career as a writer and singer, seeing as those are really secure career paths.


Thank you so much for stopping by!