Celebrating Skanky Tuesday

Sorry guys but Skanky Tuesday has always been a girls only event. I hate to disallow anyone but, well, it’s just the way it is.

The whole thing started out as a celebration of freedom among friends. We wanted to be girly and feel free to not conform to the standard of our usual behavior. For my friends it might not have been a “learning to be comfortable in my skin” thing, but as the fattest among us, it was for me. I had always been ashamed at the idea of any of them seeing my flesh and did the best I could to hide myself but when everyone’s naked, it’s not really an option. So, I’m not getting naked in public today but I am still celebrating the spirit of the day.

Schnookums added her two cents when I told her I was posting about this today, she said,

The good I see in it is that it’s about bonding with your friends and affirming each other’s femininity. I think it’s especially good for unmarried Christians because we’re not supposed to express ourselves sexually to men, so being “skanky” with our girlfriends is a good way to remind ourselves that we are dang sexy. That’s what I think 🙂 She is infinitely more eloquent than me, no?

No matter who you are out there or what your credo the celebration of your body is good for the soul. It’s like chicken soup for the soul, but dirtier. So, celebrate with me! Today I have to be at work 13 hours and won’t have an opportunity to properly celebrate, so help me out here! If you are going skinny dipping, frolicking in your skibbies (or better yet just in your skin), putting on those boots, or pretty much anything else, let me know. Today I am wearing feathers in my hair, pink nail polish, my best high heels and will be celebrating the spirit of Skanky Tuesday even if I can’t actually celebrate.

Here’s to best friends, feeling good in your skin, body happy days, and workin it. Welcome to the weekly celebration and stay tuned to see how I celebrate.

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