So, I totally thought I had gained weight this week until I read my post from last Wednesday. Behold the miracle of blogging! I went from thinking that I had gained .8lbs to realizing that I actually lost it.

Here I was, writing about all the reasons I suspected as culprits for the gain after I had done everything right this week when, lo and behold, there was no gain.

And there was much rejoicing in the land.

I’m now only 20.6lbs away from my lowest weight.

Yet, there should have been more of a loss this week and I think that it will be evidenced by next week when I do show a larger loss. With the arrival of my period today, the compulsively stressed munching on Super Bowl Sunday as I watched my beloved Patriots lose, and the lack of sleep on Sunday night and Monday night, I’m pretty sure that I’m retaining a bit of water.

We shall see.

In the meantime, perhaps we should take a look at my goals from last week and form some new ones for the upcoming week.

Last Week’s Goals

1. Go back to the gym – Way. To. Fail. I kept planning to go, I even made plans with other people to go, but something kept coming up last minute that prevented me from getting there and/or the other parties would back out. Excuses, excuses; I fail.

2. Go to sleep before 11:00pm – FYI, the weekend is NEVER included in this sort of goal. I did really well with this goal until Sunday night when I couldn’t get myself to go to sleep until around midnight. The same thing happened on Monday night. I was in bed both nights but I was definitely too revved up and sleep was just not happening. While this goal was mostly successful, it could use some work again this next week.

3. Practice music a little bit five out of seven days this week – I think that I might have gotten an unofficial three out of seven. It wasn’t formal practice, it was more along the lines of waiting at the bus stop and since no one else was around I decided to do vocal exercises sort of practice. I like that kind. While that was good, I also need some focused time in front of my keyboard when I’m not waiting for a bus.

4. Keep going with the no sugar thing – I should get a gold star for this one. Once the withdrawal process finished, I started to feel much better and it’s been easier since then. Granted, the Super Bowl was almost enough to drive me to drink but I opted to stick with my sugar free existence. I’ve very happy with myself for succeeding in cutting out sugar for the last two weeks.

5. Get my apartment fully restocked – My makeshift domesticity is finally morphing into a normal living space. Maybe soon it will feel like a real home. This week I went grocery shopping, toiletry shopping, and cleaning product shopping. My checking account is no longer full but my shelves are! It’s really nice to not have to improvise when I’m trying to clean my bathroom.

This Week’s Goals

1. Go back to the gym – I guess this takes more courage and planning than I had foreseen. It’s not easy to face the possibility of seeing someone who did something so horrible to you. I’m going to have to plan an evening after work where that’s the main event and plan to go home and write afterward. I can’t squeeze it in between other things and I can’t think that I’ll do it after going out. I won’t. I’ll come up with an excuse and blow it off.

2. Practice at my keyboard four days this week – As I said before, focused practice is what I really need. I have a new song to learn and two to master. This is going to require some time focusing on the task instead of singing at bus stops.

3. Again, go to sleep before 11:00pm – I said that I was going to work on this again, so here it is. I have an alarm that goes off every night at 10:30pm to tell me to get ready for bed so perhaps I’ll try to make an actual bedtime routine that I’ll let be prompted by that alarm. I guess this week I’ll also work on that.

4. Make my own salad dressings – I’ve wanted to make my own dressings for a long time but have never actually gotten around to doing so. It’s a shame because I think that, not only would it be fun, what I could make would probably taste much better than what comes out of a bottle, that’s probably been sitting on a shelf somewhere for almost a month. I dug into my mom’s cookbooks that came from her grandmother and great-grandmother and I’ve found some recipes for dressings that I think I would really like, as well as scratch versions of some of my favorites.

5. Keep up with no sugar – Two weeks down and here’s to one more.


It’s really exciting to be actually getting somewhere again. Let’s see how I do this week. What are your goals?

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