Apparently I gained two pounds overnight. No, literally, I was only 235.2lbs yesterday.

The effects of Fat Tuesday?


I celebrated it heartily with smoked cheese and summer sausage. It was delicious.

Then again, maybe it’s a response to that really hard run I did on Monday night. Oh yes, I went running… with a fury. Literally. It was the hardest, fastest, and longest run I’ve ever done. Every step felt like a defiant “bite me,” much like my run in Los Angeles. I probably pushed a bit harder than I should have but it felt so damn good.

I’m not disappointed in the gain this week because I think that the spike is temporary. It’s also caused quite a bit by the fact that I haven’t been able to sleep very well. I don’t know if that’s a result of working out too hard or too much on my mind but it’s highly annoying. It makes me cranky and resentful toward anything that doesn’t involve me and my pillow.

I’m trying to decrankify as much as I can throughout the day and focus on the positives. Unfortunately, the lack of sleep also makes me feel overwhelmed by little things that really aren’t a big deal.

I can’t wait for the weekend, no, actually next weekend.

With just one more week left in my ban on all things sugar, I’m looking forward to allowing myself some fruit and some wine. On March 1st, I will have a banana!

Oh, Let’s Talk Goals

This week I was pretty objectively awesome. Despite the fact that I didn’t see a loss on the scale, I did really well with everything I wanted to accomplish. With no sugar already put out there let’s talk about the rest of what I want to accomplish and/or did accomplish.

Hey, this is actually fun again.

Last Week’s Goals

1. Go to the gym twice, this time to work out – Check. I went, I ran, I win, Yes, I know I changed tense in that sentence. I was so proud of myself for accomplishing this goal. On Friday and Monday I’ll talk about it more extensively, but for today I just have to say that it feels so good to be back at the gym.

2. Turn off laptop at 10:30 and start getting ready for bed –4/5 weeknights I passed this one. The only night that was an exception was last night when I didn’t get home until 10:30 and needed to check my email. I did turn off my laptop before 11:00pm, which is my actual bedtime. Unfortunately, despite following this one, I’ve had trouble sleeping for the past few nights, which, of course, I mentioned above.

3. Cook a wider variety of things –I totally aced this one. So, apparently I’m pretty awesome at throwing some stuff in a pan, pot, bowl, or whatever and making something edible and healthy. I think it’s genetically programmed into me as an obscenely lazy chef’s daughter.

This Week’s Goals

1. Do relaxation exercises at 10:45 each night – Maybe if I keep up the rule of turning off the laptop at 10:30 and then add enforcement of doing relaxation exercises just after I’ve had time to do the “get ready for bed” things, I’ll be able to get to sleep earlier. I know how important sleep is for weight loss and general health… and not having stupid days, so I’m going to continue to make this a priority until I figure out something that works.

2. Go to the gym twice again – As much as I hate to keep repeating the same goals over and over again, I want to make sure that my presence at the gym becomes a habit. I want to make sure that I show up.

3. No coffee after noon – I’m not sure exactly when I went from drinking coffee because “OMG I need to stay awake and I’m about to fall asleep at my desk and get fired” to drinking coffee because I like it. Well, I like it with copious amounts of half and half, so I guess I actually like coffee flavored half and half. Anyway, because I’m having trouble sleeping, I should probably cut out any afternoon coffee. I prefer tea anyway.


Well, there it is. If I continue to focus on just a few goals and build from there I think I’ll be working from a much better foundation than trying to accomplish five goals in one week. So, what are your goals this week?

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