You know, I authentically didn’t expect to lose weight this week so I’m more than happy for what I did lose. I worked myself hard this week and I expected to see the body freak-out-and-hold-on-to-weight I’ve seen in the past when I started working out again. I suspect that there’s some of that happening but less than usual.

My body fat percentage is still showing up as really low on my scale so that tells me that something is going on that is making me retain weight a bit more than usual.

I’m down with that.

I’ve taken on a policy of trusting my body this time around. I mean, if I feel like my body is telling me that I really need to eat as much toffee as possible I’m going to tell it to shove it. When I talk about trusting my body I’m not talking about cravings and such. What I do mean is that I trust the process that my body has to go through to let go of the excess weight slowly and in a healthy way.

I’m well aware that this process sometimes means that I retain weight and don’t always see the results on the scale right away.

While I don’t see a huge change on the scale, I do see a huge change in the way I look and feel. My skin looks amazing, my nails are getting stronger, I’ve lost inches from almost everywhere on my body, and I don’t feel like I’m constantly stuck in this mental haze that comes from too much sugar, booze, and whatnot.

While part of me misses my little piece of afternoon toffee or salted caramel, none of me misses feeling the way I did when that was part of my daily routine. As I approach the end of my ban on all things sugar I can now start working a few sweet things back into my diet but I’m still going to be very conscious of the effect of sugar in my diet, keeping it at a minimum.

Let’s talk goals!

Last Week’s Goals

1. Do relaxation exercises at 10:45 each night – Not once did I actually do these. I was so tired this week that I couldn’t even think about concentrating long enough to do these. After the hard workouts I did, I didn’t really need to do them anyway. The only problem I have with the hard workouts is that after them I’m so sore that I have trouble sleeping. Does anyone else have this issue? What do you do about it? I really need some advice on this one.

2. Go to the gym twice again – I did it. I’m awesome. I’m also really enjoying being back at the gym and pushing myself. Apparently that little deal I made with myself really worked. I’m sore as hell but right now it feels so good to be so sore. I do need to work on planning ahead so that I have something to eat before going to the gym and something for after my workout.

3. No coffee after noon – Not counting the weekend, because I don’t, I kept to this one with the exception of one decaf coffee I had in the evening last week. I mostly had that for the sake of the cream because I hadn’t eaten dinner and was on the edge of losing steam completely. Being at the natural foods market at the time, I couldn’t just eat something from my shopping cart so I grabbed a cup of coffee. I’m still going to call this one a win because I more or less achieved what I set out to do. I think that this one is going to need to become a permanent rule.

This Week’s Goals

1. Cut back on dairy – I’m not really sure where I stand on the whole dairy debate. I love cheese and milk more than I love my hypothetical future children (I know, I use that analogy a lot, clearly I don’t have much love for my hypothetical future offspring. Oh well.) but I use dairy as a filler too often.

Basically any time that I’m feeling hungry and lazy, I drink some milk, eat some cheese, or something like that. I probably consume too much when I use it that way whether it’s healthy or not. What this goal means is that I not only need to cut down on my dairy-as-a-filler consumption, but I also need to be prepared for those times when I am really hungry and lazy.

2. Drink more green tea – I really love Tazo’s Green Ginger Tea. It was surprising to me that I loved it so much because I’ve always hated green tea. So, I think that I’ll make my afternoon drink green ginger tea.

3. Figure out what I need to do to improve my sleep – I slept terribly this week again. Mostly, this was due to my heater malfunction that lasted for a few days, but it lasted after that. Last night I should have slept well but for some reason I kept throwing my blanket off in my sleep and then I’d wake up cold. Apparently a lot of the problem has to do with temperature but I’m going to need to figure out what I need to do to sleep well or I’m not going to do well at all.


Well, that’s about it for this week. I’m SO excited to have some fruit in the next few days… after I go grocery shopping since I have none. So, what are your goals this week?

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