Still the slow and steady.

Granted, now that I have a challenge for myself it’s definitely easier to bear. Slow and steady gives me more time to be able to run that 3.1miles without stopping. I love the idea of racing myself to achievements because either way, I win.

I love the game Kendra Wins.

Nowadays it feels a bit like I’m playing a perpetual game of Kendra Wins. Despite the fact that some days are hard and therapy isn’t always fun, I’m making so much progress in every area of my life. I’m trying not to look ahead too much and, instead, take things one week at a time but I’m definitely feeling better about life overall.

I’m just barely starting to have that “I feel smaller” feeling again. It’s really cool because I also have people asking me about if I’ve slimmed down. I get to say yes with confidence. While I might not be back down to my smallest yet, my measurements are really close and I look much better than I did when I was at my smallest.

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