I was going to workout today and get in five workouts this week but I feel so completely exhausted that I think I am going to do very little at all today. I have to go to work but besides that and grocery shopping, everything else can wait. I think that because I did both massage therapy and a workout in one day my muscles are just pooped. You wouldn’t think that massage therapy is as much work and pain as it is. Then again, for me, it has been a long process of breaking up scar tissue and repairing damage done over the last few years.

I’ve spent today just dragging. It took a few hours to get myself out of bed this morning and movement in general has been haaaard. All I wanted to do for the whole of today was to answer the call of my pillow. Now I am finally back in bed and glad to be finished with my last day of phase one. Tomorrow I get to have one carb and one piece of fruit. I know that I am definitely having oatmeal for my carb but I haven’t decided yet on my fruit because I bought a few. I have some ideas thought.

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