Yes, this is a weight loss blog but last night anaphylactic shock reminded me that there is much more to being healthy than just having a nice waist line.

I am allergic to smoke. For some reason most people don’t believe me when I tell them that I am allergic to smoke. They think it’s one of those sassy high maintenance things. If someone tells you this please believe them. It’s probably true and even if it’s not please don’t smoke around them anyway. Yes, I’m biased.

A few weeks ago I acquired a new downstairs neighbor who has a thing for smoking in the middle of the night. I’m totally self centered about whether or not I care if people are smoking. If it doesn’t affect me, whatever, fry your lungs. When it comes in my window and I wake up because I suddenly feel my throat tightening and I can’t breathe, I care. What is the etiquette for this sort of thing anyway? I mean, they’re smoking on their balcony. They’re entitled to do that.

Last night my body had apparently had enough of the whole affair because my reaction was much stronger than usual. What is normally a passing annoyance where I sleep through the after effects turned into a night of fever, I can’t breathe, can I please vomit now, my head hurts, why, why, why?

I almost called in sick for work but decided to dope up on antihistamines and tough it out. I’m just starting to feel normal again. I’m really grateful that I don’t have reactions strong enough to send me to the hospital but I really dislike this situation in general.

I’m going to be moving in the next few months and so I’ll probably just stick it out and make sure that my window is shut or I’ll buy one of those fans that sucks air out of a room in addition to blowing air in to the room. That’s right… it sucks and blows…

I survived but the moral of the story is take care of yourself, don’t just worry about the scale.

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