What happens when you blog about weight loss, have a feature like Skanky Tuesday, post about the Psychotic Slut Zone, ask “Can Fat Be Sexy,” reveal The Plan, and provide a contact form on your website?

Very interesting emails happen.

A short while ago I received an email saying:

You’re cute. Curious what your current situation is — living at home, or on your own, that sort of thing.

How long is your hair these days? I can’t tell from the picture.

What sort of work are you doing while you study opera? is it related to your studies?

You could probably use a sugar daddy. I could help support you.

I can’t resist responding… I mean, I HAVE to. It’s so ridiculous. I can’t ever just let these things go. I respond:
You have actually read my blog? I mean, you know I’m not thin. Besides, how do I know that you’re legit?
He sends me to a site where he has a profile linked to the same email. It’s a Sugar Daddy site where they actually verify the identity and income of the men. Holy Shit. He also says:
you’re referring to your weight? there are some other benefits to that; i’m assuming you’re a d cup, that sort of thing.

you’re submissive as well, which is a plus.

Oh, my friends, there is so much wrong with this response… First of all, capitalize your letters pervy man. Second, submissive??? Have you actually read anything I’ve said here? I mean really…

My curiosity is killing me, though, I want to know exactly who this guy is. I do some internet stalking with his email, first name, and other information I have about him. Apparently his net worth is $2-5 million, he’s 46, owns his own business, and lives in Seattle. I don’t have enough information, though, and never discover his actual identity.

I respond with a few well chosen words letting him know what I think about his “submissive” comment. He must be dense. He responds:

thinking about your reply — is there anyone that would care that you are seeing a man? fiance, husband, boyfriend, etc?
Verified millionaire or not, no thank you.

I thank my good common sense that I did not use my personal email (containing my full name) for this website, wonder about how much is too much when it comes to sharing online, and decide that one Sugar Daddy wannabe isn’t going to change my honesty and content here. It does remind me, though, that I’m glad to have stayed mostly anonymous.

If any other potential Sugar Daddies want to show an interest in furthering my opera career please remember proper punctuation and don’t make the mistake of calling me “submissive.”

Maybe I should get a paypal account…

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