As if we needed more incentive to do strength training… oh no. Despite the fact that some women don’t do strength training for fear of bulking up, I’m sure that all of us health bloggers (and readers) know better. I’m positive that each and every one of you are faithfully putting in your time with some weights. I’m sure that I’m preaching to the scantily clad choir here, but I have quite a compelling reason why you should do strength training. If being lean, strong, and svelte wasn’t enough, here’s another reason to get in the weight room and get sweaty.

When I first started strength training I used the weight machines 100%. On one machine in particular I had such a strange experience that it literally made my eyes go wide and my jaw drop. In shock, I immediately stopped. I thought I was doing something wrong but, no, every time I did the exercise I had the same experience.

Then I took some my exercises off the machine and on to the mat. Despite the lack of machine, the experience repeated itself with similar exercises. Like the good little blogger I am, I went home and researched what had happened so that I could report it to all of you. This is what I found:

It appears that exercises utilizing your lower abdominal muscles, your quads, and your inner thighs puts pressure on your pelvis and causes the coregasm.

Oh yes, my dears, it is not a myth. I have empirical evidence from a repeated experiment. Shocked as I was to suddenly experience this phenomena at the gym (OMG IN A PUBLIC PLACE!!!!!) it wasn’t altogether an unpleasant surprise (don’t worry, no one noticed).

It seems that coregasms are especially prevalent in women who already have a strong pelvis (thank you nine years of ballet!) and they end up “triggering the nerve impulses in the pelvic area,” says Joy Davidson, Ph.D., author of Fearless Sex.

So, which exercises cause the coregasm? I know you’re all dying to know…

Here’s a few

And another

I was doing this

But any of these will work too

“But I do these exercises and have never had this experience!” You say? Try increasing your intensity and/or your reps. In one article I read, a woman noted that by increasing the reps of her leg lifts from 15 to 20, it caused the coregasm. The important thing here is intensity.

You have to be working with every little bit you’ve got to give. This is pretty good incentive for strengthening your pelvis if it’s not already strong. It’s also a perfect incentive to push yourself to the next level in your workouts. While we rarely see immediate results from our strength training, you can have immediate gratification. And that is the dearest desire of our generation.

Apparently the coregasm can be even stronger than an orgasm during sex because you are already creating contractions of all the necessary muscles and you’re also already excreting endorphins.

My dears, isn’t it time that we all get on our backs and work hard for stronger muscles?

I mean, really, as if a strong, lean core weren’t enough.

You’re welcome.

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