What’s a girl to do? I love to be looked at, get gussied up, and rock it like a mofo. I want to feel beautiful (yes, I’m using that term, sorry I’m not sorry), amazing, sexy, and playful. I have no shame about showing a little skin and wearing a lot of mascara. I do not, however, like to be objectified.

You may say that all of the above justifies it but I don’t agree. A girl exploring her femininity and sexuality should not give anyone license to treat her like a sex object.

A trend that’s struck me since I started going dancing on a regular basis is the automatic expectation that I’m supposed to go home with whoever I’m dancing with. It isn’t everyone, some guys get it, but usually about a half hour after I’ve been dancing with someone they’ll try to pull me off the dance floor and ask to take me home. I say no.

From the child who saw entirely too much porn, to the teenage girl working with all men, to the woman trying to figure out how sex, love, self worth, and fun all work together; I’ve felt it as an affront to see how women are perceived and treated in the media and in my daily life.

So much of my favorite music has lyrics that make me cringe when I read them. Weeks ago I declared a vendetta against Jason Derulo. It was because of this very thing, though I didn’t yet frame it that way in my mind.

For a while my weight and unhealthy appearance exempted me from this treatment but as my weight decreases and as I just plain look healthier, I find that I might not be ready for how men treat me.

I was even less ready for an offer I received for a sugar daddy (I’ll tell you all about this next week). It was real, I couldn’t believe it, I did some digging. OMG.

I’m much less interested in what I have to say about this than what you all have to say. I wanted to open a dialogue here today so I’m keeping it short.

How do you feel about this? Are you being treated differently as you lose weight? Does it bother you to feel objectified?

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