I suppose that I shouldn’t be disappointed that I just wan’t hungry today but I have been in a routine and I like routine. Things that disrupt my routine annoy me. Today I’ve only had my first meal, a cheese stick for a snack, and half of my second meal. I am at least going to finish that but I just don’t want snack number two or my third meal. I live on a different schedule than most people so I think of it as my three meals rather than breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Since I don’t generally even wake up until noon I can’t very well call my first meal breakfast.

Anyway, despite being sick and all I’ve still been meeting my goals for the week. I did another walk/run interval set for ten minutes today with more running than last time. Ouch.

Bloody Hell, a Dominos commercial just came on and now I just want some pizza. Think healthy thoughts Kendra…

I am eagerly awaiting seeing the results on Monday. I want to just hop on the scale in the morning even though I was only going to weigh myself once a week. I’m feeling less uptight than I was before and maybe I’ll start weighing myself every day for a litle so that I can see how particular food choices affect things. Or maybe I’m just looking for an excuse to justify my obsessing.

I think that the fact that I’ve opted against any sugar, artificial or otherwise, has been really helpful to me. I decided not to do any of the desserts on the South Beach Diet menu nor to allow myself the use of any artificial sweeteners or diet soda. I’m not generally the type to resist any sort of sweet goodies but I think that it’s made it much easier to resist cheating. I saw that when I did cheat with the Mai Tai incident I wanted to eat more junk for the next few days.

The major thing that is working against me right now is that I am getting anxious for some visible results. I can see very subtle ones, but I want some instant gratification! I realize that nothing will be dramatic with my results because I see myself every day and I see the progression. I might not even notice many of the changes and my desire to see more now is definitely hurting me. I need to get my mind back into the “This is just what we are doing” mindset and out of the when will I see results and when can I have a taco again and such.

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