Long I have loved your headbands and accessories and been a walking advertisement for you but I’m a little pissed off right about now.

Fuck You.


Firstly, the chick in the shirt not only looks underfed but pretty anemic as well. Maybe she should also have a shirt that say “Bulimia is the new black.”

See, here’s the thing. I’m not so much of a reactionary in general. I understand the fine art of sarcasm and statements for shock value. I make tasteless, mostly dirty, jokes. This shi(r)t is indicative of a lager attitude, though, and maybe that’s what bothers me so much.

It seems like fatness is the last thing you can still make fun of. Color, creed, and disabilities are rightly a bit off limits. It’s considered tasteless to make fun of these things but the fat guy with the Twinkies? Sure. That woman who’s pants don’t fit anymore? Fine. I mean fat people did it to themselves so why not take a jab or two? All they need to do is eat less.

When did we lose the ability to look past the surface with people? If an aspect of someones life is out of control there’s always a reason for it. Why did I get to 296lbs? It’s complicated but it was a combination of crippling depression and anxiety, PTSD, injuries, not understanding what is actually healthy and what isn’t, and extremely hard life circumstances that made me medicate with food. Was I lazy? No, I’ve always been a hard worker. Was I eating Twinkies all day long? No, I don’t even like them. Yes, I had bad terrible habits but there was more too it.

So, what do you do when a company you like does something like this? Stop buying? After all dollars talk. Speak out on a blog? Um… apparently. Make a shirt that says “Eat Nurtient Rich Foods”? Maybe not.

I don’t really know. I still like some of their things but can I keep shopping there?

What do you do in situations like this?

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