Defining My Goals

1. Make slow, progressive, and permanent changes in habits.

1. Make better choices, form new habits, and make sustainable changes.

2. Blog through the whole process.

1. This must be helpful for introspection and for pinpointing the causes of certain behaviors and compulsions. It’s also good for spotting patterns.

3. Weight Goals – I’ve noticed a trend that many other weight loss bloggers set a goal, but then they get to a certain point and decide that it’s where they want to stay. This inspiring crew seems to set reasonable goals that are just at the top of their healthy weight range but are content even when they are still above it. Wondering about this, I realized that the reason for never getting to the coveted weight is because they have gained more muscle than the average thin person has.

I want that muscle and I think that the number on the scale is much less important than having that muscle. That’s one reason why I’m going to go by measurements, but I also want to have the “yippee!” jumping up and down, squealing at the top of my lungs satisfaction of getting to goal weight.

The plan, therefore, is to meet a reasonable goal weight and then reassess it when I get there, deciding  where I really ought to be. I am 5′ 4 ¾” with what I think is a large frame (or is that just what all fat girls say?) I used to be quite muscular and athletic in my youth (I’ll tell the whole story sometime) before I became a big puddle of lard.

To be honest, which is something that I have vowed to do on this blog no matter how stupid I sound, I have wanted to be 130 lbs. That is the arbitrary number I have always fixated on. I’m trying not to keep making my stupid arbitrary goals, though, because most of the time I end up stressing about them too much and failing. I just don’t know where I actually ought to be.

  1. Stage One Goal: Under 200 lbs
  2. Stage Two Goal: Under 149 lbs
  3. Stage Three Goals: Undefined, I will reassess when I start this stage.

4. Measurement Goals – This includes a few sets of goals (not so much in three stages). This one I don’t think that I actually need three stages to decide on. I want to have my body fat percentage in the “athletic” category (looong term goal) and I don’t know what that will mean for the size of my waist. It looks like a “healthy” waist is considered under 32 inches. I guess that I would like to get to 30 or under so that there would no longer need to be an X in my clothing sizes.

  1. Waist: Tentatively under 30 inches, ultimately my body will need to go where is actually best for it, not to my arbitrary goals.
  2. Resting Heart Beat: 60bpm
  3. Body Fat Percentage: This one I’ll take in stages.
    1. Stage One Goal: Lower than it is now.
    2. Stage Two Goal: Under 20%
    3. Stage Three Goal: Undefined,  I will reassess when I start this stage.

5. Fitness Goals – I was once upon a time an athletically inclined Biotch and I would like to become a full blown athletic Biotch. Once upon a time I really loved dancing, running cross country, swimming, kick boxing, hiking, cycling, roller blading, soft ball, hockey, gymnastics, etc. I have always wanted to try some of the more unusual athletic endeavors like acrobatics and circus-y sort of things. I don’t want to be thinner just to look better and all that, I want to do everything I can with my body and push it to do fun and unusual things.

  1. Stage One, part A: Walk/Run Intervals, Strength Training, Core Training, Isometric Exercises, other aerobic exercises.
  2. Stage One, part B: Running, Strength Training, High Intensity Interval Training, Pilates, Belly Dancing, General Dance, Kick Boxing, Variety.
  3. Stage Two: Training for 5K and 10K runs, more High Intensity Interval Training, more Pilates, more Belly Dancing, more Dance, more Kick Boxing, more of everything.
  4. Stage Three: Marathon, Aerial Arts, other stuff I want to do.

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