We take a break from our usual Skanky Tuesday programming today because I’m too excited and impulsive to not discuss how I decided to make running my bitch. Snark and sluttery will resume next week… actually, neither will go anywhere but in their official capacity, they are taking a break.

A few weeks ago I made a decision but was under an impulsive decision moratorium so had to wait before the decision was actually official. With a few weeks to stew over said decision, I knew that it was no longer impulsive and can now announce to the world that I am officially training for a 5K.

Um… can someone cue the popping Champagne and balloons? No? Nothing? Well, this is exciting for me, so there.

The plan as it now stands is to go down to the Los Angeles area to do the Southern California Half Marathon & 5K (emphasis on the 5K for me) on January 8. I started the training runs last night and will have one extra week to spare in the training schedule. I like having a spare.

Of course I can’t be indulging in such shenanigans on my own; I do love a good partner in crime. Even more, though, I love a whole bunch of partners in crime. (Did that comment just get me hot listed for any mafia recruiters reading my blog?) You won’t be surprised, I’m sure, to know that I emailed every friend that I could think of in the Southern California area and begged annoyed pestered pleaded with asked them to join me.

It should be fun! Either that or I’ll keel over and die. Whatever happens, someone is sure to be amused by the whole thing. Hopefully that will include you ladies and gentlemen.

So, last night I typed up my training schedule, put on coordinating socks, underwear, tank top, and headband (what? That’s totally important!), blackmailed myself into the gym with a smoothie, made a new sleazy playlist, and did the first run on the schedule. My body immediately got into the groove and reminded me why I love running. When it got difficult in the middle (more mentally than physically) I just turned up my music, imagined that I was dancing instead of running, and plowed through that sucker.

So it’s begun. I was afraid of officially announcing my intent because when I do such things is sometimes causes me to freak out and then do the exact opposite. Buutttt… my friends already knew, I already had a few partners in crime, I had set up a training schedule, and I really want to do this so there was no point in keeping it a secret.

The only thing making me crinkle my brow still is that I don’t know what I’m supposed to be doing for cross training and strength training so I turn to you my blog friends and ask for advice. Please point me in the right direction for the cross training part of this whole shebang. I do NOT want injuries. I’ve had enough for one lifetime, thankyouverymuch!

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