I know, I know, this really should be Skanky Tuesday but I can’t seem to get running off my mind. Skanky Tuesday will return and you will not be disappointed. In the meantime, I will de-vague the details of the race shenanigans.

The Training

As much as I hate to be part of the bell curve, my desire to actually be able to do this race without sudden death or injury outweighs my need for individualism. Yep, I’m doing Couch To 5K. I mean, even if I don’t like to be part of the herd, these people know what they’re doing. Sometimes things become popular for a reason. Other times Stephenie Meyers writes a bunch of shitty books that inexplicably become “the shit.” Shit happens.

The Accessories

You might think that this is only a frivolous detail to make things more fun but I will staunchly refute any such comments. Proper accessorizing is absolutely essential to success. No, I’m not talking about a handy water bottle holder, a heart rate monitor, or proper footwear. Haven’t you heard of Barefoot Running? You can do without all that stuff. I mean, I’m not actually running barefoot but you could.

I’m talking about matching headbands, socks, underwear, and tank tops. That’s what’s really important.

Case and point: Last night I did not wear a sparkly headband, I wore white socks, and a grey tank top. It was the most miserable run I’ve done so far. Don’t go out the door without bright colors.

I bought a new pack of headbands just for training for this race. Old Navy look out, I’ll be seeing you soon for new colorful tank tops.

Okay, so a good sports bra is also really important when you’ve got quite a bit of Jell-O for the jiggling and I really only wear one type for running. I’d like it in gray but have yet to find it in anything other than white. Fine, it doesn’t detract from the other colorful items. I also wear black pants with handy dandy zipper pockets for my iPod or my cell phone if it’s one of those days that I’m neurotically checking it, i.e. most days.

I’m currently on the lookout for underwear in obscenely bright colors with BAMF (as written or spelled out) written on the butt. If you find any PLEASE let me know! You will be my hero and my favorite person ever… for at least a few days.

The Music

A bad song in the playlist can ruin an entire run. It totally gets you off your game. Last night that happened not once, not twice, but three times. The third song would have been perfectly fine if it hadn’t been for the timing when it came on. It had a slow start and started toward the end of a running interval. Once you get past that blasted intro it’s a perfect running song but the timing was all off.

Another one of the songs was a perfect song when I was doing HIIT with short intervals. When timed properly, the significantly faster chorus hit exactly when I needed to be running. In the context of last night’s run, it just flopped and made me start swearing.

It’s also necessary to make sure that the song fits the timing in your run. Some songs are ramp up starter songs and others are finishers. Club Can’t Handle Me by Flo Rida is one of the best “OMFG I have to get through this last interval without spitting out a lung!!!” songs I’ve ever encountered. Feel Good Inc by Gorillaz is hands down the best cool down song in the history of… ever. “Let Me Blow Ya Mind” by Eve is a fabulous warm up song because she has you feeling like a total badass ready to take on anything… including a long run.

In Conclusion

If it isn’t totally clear by now, I don’t actually know what I’m doing but I do know the importance of getting in the right mental space. This is how I do it. I guess this post could realy be called “The Mishaps and Misadventures of Kendra Learning How To Run For Real” but that felt a little long.

Now, gimme your fabulous running without death tips!

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