Today was just plain a crappy day. It wasn’t that I cheated or anything, no I still made all of my goals today, but I just felt pooey. I woke up feeling sick, that happens sometimes when I have high stress dreams and I know that it’s part of fighting my battle with anxiety disorder. I manage it, but sometimes it gets the best of me, especially when I’m sleeping.

I think that it’s funny, the timing, here I had written a post all about how much more amazing I felt in general and how a haze had been lifted and the next day I feel crummy and back in haze. Well, it’s only one day, I survived. I’m still feeling a little anxious, I don’t know exactly why, but I am. I wasn’t able to finish my dinner tonight and that worries me a little.

While I think that my little bit of exercise is contributing to my tiredness I need to stick with it. It isn’t even that much. I also need to figure out how to work in a little more.

I was feeling fat again today, probably because of the general crumminess, but still… I wore my jeans today which have been too tight and today they were loose and kind of slipping off my butt. That was nice except for the way it made them cling on to my tummy and make it look like they were too tight anyway.

Because of my gigantic butt shelf I have a gap at the top of my jeans now in the waist band. I’ve heard of this gap before but never had one. I’m certainly not running out for new jeans just yet, but I will have to evaluate things a little differently the next time I do buy some.

I took progress pictures today. It was a rather funny affair since I had no one helping me and I don’t have a camera stand. I’ll tell the story tomorrow when I post the pictures. I’m too tired to do any of it tonight. I think I also might be a little dehydrated. I’m going to go guzzle some water and go to sleep.

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