My commitment to my September goals was laughable. Really, laughable. As in “what exactly am I supposed to be doing?” That kind of laughable.

Luckily it’s a new month!

The goals from last month were:

1. Keep Owning It: Okay, so this I did and things just feel better! Not worrying about what others think of each decision is so freeing. The major exception to this was when I went shoe shopping with my mom. I needed some winter shoes (read: rain proof) so we went to DSW. I found a pair that worked but also found a pair I really loved. They were a pair of gray ankle boots that had this whole vintage cowboy chic wannabe thing going on. They were completely ugly and that’s why I loved them. Do you ever think that some things are so ugly that they’re cute? I feel this way all the time. I’m still regretting not getting the boots.

2. Exercise at least four times a week: No, just, no.

3. Get shit clean, keep shit clean: I’m about half way there. I attacked this goal with the attention span of a three year old learning to tie her shoe while someone is holding cake nearby. I made progress and my car is clean but I’m not quite there.

4. Develop vocational goals and make a plan: I applied at a few places but didn’t really pursue this.

5. Mindfulness: I actually did well with this. It’s hard to explain how but I’m happy with this goal.

October’s Goals:

1. Develop more consistency with exercise: Whether I’m doing six days a week or two days a week, I need it to become a habit rather than a forced effort each time.

2. Keep diversifying my food choices: This month I branched out with some new foods and made some fabulous meals. The more creative I get, the more satisfied I feel with my meals and the better the nutrient balance. I want to try at least one new recipe a week.

3. Get shit clean, keep shit clean: Continuation from last month.

4. Give morning workouts a chance: I can’t believe that I’m even making this an option. Thanks Sugar Muffin for the wake up calls!!! I love you like a fat kid loves cake (hence the nickname).

There you have it, the goals for the month. I really must keep them visible so that I don’t completely forget about them. What are your goals for this month and how did you do last month?

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