This blog is part of my preparation for weight loss, but I have to confess that I am not quite ready yet. I want to start in the next few weeks… certainly in January, but I haven’t gotten the preparation complete yet.

I have a habit of running into things head first and blinded by the wind only to be surprised when I crash into the gigantic telephone pole. Then I get a bump on my head and exacerbate my old neck injury and can’t dance for a week. Not Fun.

I want to have a real game plan. As much as I like to think of myself as a rule breaker and a free spirit… it isn’t true. Well, actually the former is true but not the latter.

Don’t tell.

Despite my love for breaking rules, I actually like rules, formality, and structure. I exist much more easily when I have a pattern to follow and rules to try to bend without getting caught. I guess this begs the question, “Do I like the rules because without them I’d have nothing to bend?” Probably. Maybe not. Yes.

I am a music student so I suppose that explains a great deal. Music is all about creativity and flexibility within structure. The Baroque period was the epitome of this. Composers gave singers the base of what to sing and then gave parts where they said “Embellish to your heart’s delight… just don’t come in late in the next section!”

This is not what I was going to post about today, oops.

I wanted to reflect on 2009. This is something that I don’t usually do because it seems that most New Years I am thinking, “Great another year has gone by where I’ve achieved NOTHING, I’m still fat, I’m still broke, and I’m still miserable. While some of those are still true this year, not all of them are. This year has been eventful in a non eventful sort of way. It wasn’t that a great deal of external activity happened that was eventful, but rather that a great deal of internal activity and changed occurred. I think that this topic deserves a post of it’s own and I haven’t really got the time right now.

Until Next Time…

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