Better late than never?

I’m going to go with yes on this one.

I’ve had a lot of trouble being intentional about my health and weight over the last few months. I had two all consuming things on my mind; an important audition (spoiler: I botched it) and an I-don’t-know-what-the-fuck-this-is turned healthy-and-emotionally-invested relationship.

Hopefully you’ve been following along with that story since I finally get to obnoxiously brag about MY BEST BOYFRIEND EVER (also my first… but that’s beside the point).

I’ll talk more about the audition later, but I’ve spent the last week trying to figure out what comes next for me. I’d had a plan that I thought was so concrete until it ran smack into a runaway train of an accompanist. Now I feel like I’m starting back at square one with no idea of how to move forward.

So, it’s time to get intentional about getting my shit together.

I need to set some tangible goals again and layout the steps to achieve them. I need to get organized.

So, a few days late but for the sake of accountability; here’s where I stand.

  01/25/10 01/25/13 02/25/13
Weight 296.4lbs 233.2lbs 236.6lbs
Neck 16 ¼ 14 14 ¼
Bust 45 ½ 39 ½ 39
Chest 50 ½ 45 45 ½
Waist (smallest point) 46 ½ 35 ½ 36
Belly 53 ½ 43 42 ½
Hips 61 51 51 ½
Thigh 33 27 ½ 27 ½
Calf 20 18 18
Ankle 9 ⅝ 8 ¾ 8 ¾
Bicep 18 ¾ 16 16
Elbow 12 ¾ 10 ¾ 11
Wrist 7 6 6

I’m not sure if that’s authentic weight gain or the fact that I took measurements right after three days out of town meant I was just bloated and retaining weight from lack of sleep, abundance of wine, stress from the audition, and too many restaurant meals.

Either way, it’s my current starting point and I’m making it a goal to see better numbers next month… which means that I need to hurry up and set some concrete goals to make that happen.

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