Ooh, the pretty monthly goals!

I’m awfully fond of making monthly goals but this month it was hard to come up with what I wanted to do since I’m already trying to continue with previous weekly goals and build new ones upon their precedent. It’s working!

So, I’ve had to look at it this way, “What new thing can I do to make an improvement upon what I’m already doing or what changes can I make to what I’m doing to improve them?”

Thank you Captain Obvious?

It seems like it should be intuitive in goal setting, but as I sat down to think about what I should be doing differently, the answer was “not much.” It was getting hard to think of something new to try or something to change when I felt like I was already doing the right thing. Instead, I’m trying to focus on tweaking the good to make it better.

So, let’s look at those goals.

This Month’s Goals

1. Start working fruit back into my diet – As of today, I’m off of my all-things-sugar ban (and there was much rejoicing in the land). It’s surprisingly easy once you’ve kicked the cravings and side effects of your body realizing that it has to take energy from elsewhere. Now, though, I face the challenge of adding fruit without overdoing it.

Fruit is good for you. YAY! But I don’t believe that we need to eat it nearly as much as we do. I don’t really think it should even be an everyday thing. My current diet leaves me with no shortage of vitamins or minerals and I’m not in any danger of contracting scurvy but I LIKE fruit and I want it to be a part of my diet. So, this month I’m going to carefully and slowly work it back into my diet a few times a week.

2. Show up at the gym twice a week – So, this has been a weekly goal a few times but I think it deserves a longer stay on the goal list before I just mentally make it a given. It’s really important for me to get a rhythm back in my life of going to the gym.

I know that you don’t need a gym to exercise but I like going anyway. It helps put me in a mental place of getting stronger. Being around so many other people who are working out as well motivates me in a way that exercise videos and solo runs never could. I just love the vibe of a gym.

3. Clean the shit out of my apartment – I was looking through some old photos in my camera from when I first moved in to my apartment. I had almost nothing and did a lot of improvising with what I had. Back then, I was so much happier with my space. When I got all my things from storage I was glad to see some of the stuff, but mostly overwhelmed by having so much of it. I don’t need all of these things. I kept most of it around because I felt like I should. After all, I had spent so much time accumulating it. How could I just unceremoniously rid myself of it?

Well, I’m pretty much just going to unceremoniously rid myself of it and I won’t feel bad.

Of course there are some things I’ll want to keep but I want to whittle it down to the bare minimum. If I feel like I want more things later, I can get them. I don’t live in a world where I have to hoard everything because I’ll never be able to get it again. Target will still have cheap furniture five years from now.

Btw, there’s no literal shit in my apartment. Gross. I’m not that messy.

4. Make myself feel pretty – I need a haircut… badly. I need new clothing… even worse. Somehow I’m always running out of things to wear and nothing feels like it looks right anymore. It’s time to go shopping, get a haircut, and generally get myself put back together. Let’s call it Makeover March since I’m so fond of alliteration. I’d like to not feel so completely “eh, whatever” about my clothing.


I think that March is going to be a really good month for me. I’m not sure why but my intuition is all abuzz with good feelings. If I can achieve these goals, it definitely will be a good month. Do you have any goals for the month of March?

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