Tomorrow is not the day. Things are not in place like they need to be and rather than stressing and rushing to get them in place I am declaring a new start date.

Monday, 1/25.

This I now declare to be the start of the Expedition for the Hour Glass. Right now I am working on defining my goals and terms of this whole thing. It takes much more thought and effort than I thought it would. I am spending so much time trying to find a happy medium between what I really want as the end goal and what I think is realistic. I wish that they were the same thing but as a former ballet dancer, it’s hard to say that anything less than perfect is my goal. Stupid, I know. I also know that I will never be perfect. Perfection does not exist in humanity.

I guess that tomorrow’s post will have all of my goals and terms and such. It will be a long one…

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