So that I could be a big fat slacker this week and not actually do any of my own work, I’ve asked a few of my blogger friends to write posts for me. Apparently Sugar Muffin decided to take the gauntlet on Friday which will teach me to call my friends and ask them to check my email for me, giving them my password that links to my blog account…

Today, Angela from A Healthy Fit is chatting about quirks. You should definitely check out her blog. She’s funny, articulate, and insightful about healthy living. It’s one of those blogs that I shouldn’t read at work because I find myself literally cracking up at what she says.

People who know me, may say that I am weird, random, quirky. To them I say, thank you. I may not love my abs and arms (I’m working on it), but I do love my personality and all the little things that make me different…and weird…and quirky.

I think when it comes to quirks, there are so many different ways to categorize them. To keep this in the context of healthy living, let’s talk about body quirks, food quirks, and exercise quirks.

First up, body quirks. I think it is hard to really say that your body has quirks, but there are definitely things that make your body different and special. In order to love our bodies, we have to love all the parts…not just our best assets.

For me, I could name my best assets on one hand…and I probably wouldn’t even need the whole hand. This is an issue that I am currently working on to the tune of $150 an appointment. Good think I’m a hard worker and learn fast! Anyways, I’m not here to talk about my inner crazy, I’m here to talk about my outer crazy…ok, maybe a touch of the inner crazy too!

This is how this quirky themed post is going to work. I tell you my quirks, you tell me yours. Ready to play? I thought so.

So what is quirky about my body that I absolutely love??? I’ll let you in on a few…

My monkey toes. The second toe is way longer than my big toe and kinda long, like a pinky finger.

The scar on my forehead.

I have a bunch of freckles on my back that people most often mistake as dirt. I call it my dirt patch.

Ok, your turn, what do you love about your body that is unique?

Let me just say, that when it comes to food, I definitely have my quirks. I actually think that food quirks are quite fun and say so much about a person. So what are mine?

Eating cottage cheese with hot sauce…wait for it…in a tortilla. I can basically eat almost anything in a tortilla, but this is definitely my signature.

Loving tomato soup, but hating tomatoes.

I drink coffee and anything hot through a straw.

Loving zucchini bread, but hating zucchini.

I love appetizers. If I’m ever a mom, I think I may follow in Cher’s lead from Mermaids and serve every thing with toothpicks.

I love spoons with long handles. I think everything tastes better when eating with a long handled spoon.

When I have a bread roll at a restaurant, I always tear out the inside and squish it into a ball before eating it. I try to only do this with people who know me because I don’t think Miss Manners would approve.

I could go on and on, but I want to hear from you. What is quirky about how/what you eat?

Ok, last, but definitely not least…exercise quirks. I typically exercise 5-6 days a week, so you’ve gotta know that I have some quirky exercise rituals. Here we go…

I almost always go to the exact same machines at my gym. I have my favorite elliptical, favorite arch trainer, and favorite bike in my spin class. Thing is…I hate the people in my spin class who make a big deal when someone else takes their bike. I would never make a big deal if my bike or machine was occupied, but it would just irk me a bit inside.

I am an exercise routine hoarder. I clip out exercise routines for my magazines. Some are stored neatly in a binder, others are hiding under my coffee table, and the one in use are on my kitchen table. I think this may be becoming a problem for my husband.

I set my alarm for weird times to wake up. For example, I wake up at 4:57am or 5:14am.

I can’t stop myself from buying exercise DVDs and weigh loss/exercise books. I just can’t stop.

I buy cute exercise tanks and shirts, but always choose my baggy shirts instead. Why I keep buying the cute, tailored stuff? I must like to torment my body image. This may be more of a sickness than a quirk. Yikes!

For the life of me, I cannot make a themed playlist. I am way too random and always choose songs that are in completely different genres. Example:

Alright, give ‘em to me! What are your quirks when it comes to exercise?

You know, at first when Kendra asked me to write this post, I wasn’t sure I had enough quirks in me, but once I started writing, my inner freak just kept spilling out. Hmmm, maybe Kendra knew this was going to happen???

I know I am not alone in my quirks and I can’t wait to read about yours. Our quirks are what make us interesting and unique. They give us depth and character. Embrace your inner freak! You know this former bagpiper will always have your back. Yes, I played bagpipes in 7th grade. I told you that I’m weird.

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