Today was round four in the saga of Kendra vs. Jack Hammer and once again I came out victorious!

For some reason, known only to the management staff at my apartments, they have started destroying various parts of the walkways. I’ve walked these walkways every day for several months now and never once found anything wrong with them. Only more annoying, they start at roughly 8:30am each morning. {Insert tired and furious glare here}

Up until yesterday the jack hammer crew was on the other side of the complex so it was easier to ignore and snooze away. Yesterday morning, though, they started on my side. Directly under my window, in fact. I wanted to chuck crap at them.

When I came home after morning classes, after making lunch and preparing dinner, I decided that since they had disrupted my sleep this morning I was going to take a short two hour nap. Just as I made this resolution, they started again!


I decided to find out which was stronger, the sound waves from those infernal machines or my will to sleep. My will to sleep won. It’s amazing what you can do when you have the strong will to do so. I happily snuggled up in my blankets and dreamed about going temporarily deaf.

On a completely unrelated note, I got my first comment on looking a little different. No, it wasn’t about being smaller, but one of my co-workers commented on the fact that my skin was glowing today. It’s true, it was, er, is.

I’ve always known the difference that proper hydration and nutrition can make in your skin and complexion, but I wasn’t really thinking about it today. My thoughts were still with my pillow and stuffed blue giraffe, Freddie. It was very strange that this particular co-worker would say anything, but that made it even nicer.

There were more headaches today from sugar withdrawals but I am hoping that they will go away soon. I’m also burning to get on the scale but I’ve got to be patient.

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