The theme of this week is… you guessed it: INTERVIEWS!!!

Last week’s vacation was a wonderful step away from all of the stress and work woes I’ve been dealing with. We drove throughout Oregon and California, camping in several different locations in the mountains and on the coast. It was beautiful and refreshing. One campsite in particular made me feel like we had just found the closest approximation to paradise.

I spent a good deal of time taking stock of what I want out of life and my career. I realized that I ultimately want to build something of my own but that, in the meantime, I want to continue working in fast paced and challenging environments to continue to hone my skills and keep myself on my toes. Having learned so much from my last work place, I realize the value of trial by fire and learning on the job. It was hard but I never would have gained the skills or experience in any other situation. Though I was often taken advantage of, I still came out the winner because I took every new challenge as a lesson on how to do something new.

Still, I realized about half way though the week that had I not made the decision to leave my job, I’d have been spending the whole week dreading going back to work and counting down until our return. Instead, I was able to breathe in the fresh air, introduce the boyfriend to In-N-Out burger, enjoy the scenery, and not worry about what I was coming home to.

I did check my email periodically when we were in populated areas just in case I got an email about an interview or something like that and, lo and behold, I got a response from not one but two companies I had applied for.

I was sure that I wasn’t going to hear back from one of them because I hadn’t done a very good job during my phone interview. In addition to being distracted because I was performing the phone interview on my last day of work (during a break, mind you), I couldn’t think of words I was trying to use and I even swore. It was not my finest moment and I did NOT expect to hear back from them.

When I got the email I was SHOCKED to say the least. I’d been so bummed when I thought I had bombed the interview and this was a huge surprise.

I set my phone down, stared at my boyfriend, and said “I have no idea how this has happened.”

With no clue what I was talking about, he was slightly nervous, but when I told him that I had been asked back for another interview for the job I had really wanted but was sure I hadn’t been selected for, his tension faded. He patted my leg and said, “So, what I’m hearing is that you’re not pregnant…”

I shook my head, chuckled, and told him about the interview and how I hadn’t expected to hear back from them at all.

The second company had called to try and recruit me for a job that was a little too far out of town for me to want to make the commute but I definitely appreciated the extra interest. So far I have three interviews set up for this week and a few other companies and temp agencies that I’m in contact with about possible positions and contract positions.

At this point I’m feeling very hopeful about my job prospects and also very happy about my decision to leave my old company. It was one of the most difficult decisions I’ve ever made but I had reached my breaking point and realized that it was affecting the rest of my life far too negatively. It was all challenge and no reward.

The job that I want, on the other hand, looks incredibly challenging but also rewarding. It’s with a company that values their employees and has a strong ethical guiding on how they conduct their business. It’s a company that I respect and enjoy as a consumer. Whether I get this one or not, I’m looking forward to bigger and better things ahead.

So, as I get gussied up in my best professional woman attire, please wish me luck… or as I always say on Facebook; send good vibes and voodoo!

In an unexpected move by my old company, they gave me a rather large bonus that I’ll be paid on the pay period after my last day. I’m hoping to be working again before I feel the lapse in paycheck but either way, I know that I can make it and I’ll keep you all updated.

Here’s to the stupidly brave moves!

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