Yesterday I suffered a major disappointment and decided that I was perfectly justified indulging in self pity (read: drinking and moping) for the evening.

Now that I’ve done that, I can move on.

To be honest, I’m not even sure how much I actually wanted it or if it was just the easy and logical move. There is every possibility that I just dodged a bullet and will be better off for not joining what very well may be a sinking ship. (See, I’m fabulous at rationalizing and finding the silver lining)

I have only a limited amount of time left on my current work project and I’ll probably be done by the end of the year. I’m in one of those places that leave me with a million unanswered questions but that also afford new opportunities. I’ve been here before.

Yes, I’ve been here before but the last times I didn’t make good choices. Instead of taking the opportunity to actually do something productive, I just took the opportunity to find out how many hours of the day I could sleep. I also read Harry Potter. That was a good choice.

Now, though, I feel heavily investing in my future and in living well. That includes making more money. Don’t worry, I haven’t given up on the operatic dreams but I see no benefit or virtue in being a starving artist. I’d rather be a money savvy, strategically planning, multi jobbing singer. That’s how I roll. La Boheme is a great opera but I don’t want to live it.

I’m going to take this next month to regroup and make a plan. I really don’t like to do anything without a plan of attack. I’ll let you all know what I have in the works once I’ve got a plan.

On the thought of plans, I should update you on how I’ve done on my goals for 2010 since the year is officially ¾ over.

1. Debt Control – On the whole, not much progress but I’m much more financially stable now
2. Weight: 100 lbs (Real Goal) or 50 lbs (Backup because of my poor track record) – On the way to 50!
3. Health: Get sleep under control – I’m doing much better than I ever have before.
4. Living Situation: Move somewhere I like better – I will be in October or November most likely
5. Make mini monthly and weekly goals – Rocking this!
6. School: Start again – Started, then stopped, starting again this month
7. Music
       1. Start again: Work with a voice teacher again – Trying to afford it now
       2. Start working on Music Theory – Working on it
       3. Piano Proficiency – Had been working on it, need to get back on it
8. Vanity
       1. Whiten Teeth – Did it, looks so much better
       2. Maintain nice eyebrows – Check
9. Travel
       1. Leave the country – Not so much… yet
       2. Get a Passport again – Not yet
10. Job
       1. Approach ********* about managing a campaign – Did it, failed
       2. Possibly get a second gig – Did it

On the whole I’m doing pretty well. This might be the first year ever I meet most of or all of my goals. Awesome.

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