…Which, of course, is significantly better than mostly or completely dead.

Funny story, I thought I was hung over… three days in a row. I mean, I hadn’t drunk that much but I didn’t know what I was drinking. Boys were buying; I wasn’t asking a lot of questions. Trusted boys, don’t worry.

Well, I did ask one question: When are you going to kiss me?

I told a friend that I spent the weekend either drunk or hung over.

Alas, that three day hangover was not a hangover and that drunk was not actually drunk. I was sick and didn’t even realize it. Boys have that affect on me. …and I can be the slightest bit dense, let’s just be honest.

By Monday morning I couldn’t swallow, eat, drink, or breathe easily so I decided a trip to the doctor just might be in order. I have Strep Throat. A few more people may or may not be getting it in the next few days. I’m sorry.

Hallmark needs to make cards for occasions like this: I’m sorry I spread Strep Throat to you, I never would have made out with you if I knew I had it. I hope it was worth it.

XOXO Kendra

PS: Let’s do this again soon!

Okay, maybe it’s not Hallmark material.

For the record, I caught it by proximity, not by contact.

Again for the record, I spread it by both.

I suppose that this post should contain the disclaimer that I’m not quite all here again. I’m a little… fuzzy. I guess that’s my way of saying that I cannot be held accountable for anything I say today. Different from usual? Not so much…

There will be no weigh-in this week because on Monday I didn’t give a fuck what I may or may not have lost. I was a little preoccupied with regaining my ability to breathe properly. I’m sure you understand.

The only goals this week are to finish Week 2 of C25K. I did the first two runs in it but by Saturday I was laying in bed totally unable to move… and yet I still thought I was fine. I don’t learn quickly.

When I get sick, I get stubborn and petulant. From these symptoms you would think that I was always sick but it gets worse than normal. I was still determined to do that last run on Sunday instead. I finally admitted defeat after I had gone to the Harry Potter exhibit with a friend and could barely keep it together to drive him home. Getting myself home after that was even worse. I was fighting with myself over keeping my running schedule when I could barely sit up.

When I did get home I knew I wasn’t leaving again.

I also knew I probably did have strep. I decided to go to the doctor in the morning if I wasn’t feeling better.

When a doctor looks at your throat and says “WHOA!” you know it’s a bad thing.

Don’t worry, I can talk again. I’m sure the world is rejoicing.

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