I’m totally channeling T.I. today (except for being white, female, not a rapper, not famous, and having never been to prison). I guess what I really mean is that “I’m Back” is stuck in my head… but it’s more or less the same thing, right?

I got home from a very long drive from L.A. after midnight last night, tweeted that I was home (why would any sane person actually take the time to do that???), collapsed into bed without unpacking or removing my bags from my car, and fell asleep in seconds. For a girl with sleeping problems that says something.

I have a few pictures and like twenty fragments of posts that I wanted to do about things I was thinking about in California. I’ll figure out how to properly organize all of that into a coherent post tomorrow… probably… or Monday. I’m too tired to actually commit to anything today above and beyond trying to stay awake and typing out a bit of blah blah blah. If things stop making sense, you’ll know why.

Over the next few weeks you might notice some disorder on the blog because I am switching to self hosted and I have absolutely no idea what in the world I’m doing. I like to wing it and figure things out as I go. That’s how the blog got where it is now.

You know what? I’m too tired. I wanted to write a witty, “hello again!” post but it’s not going to happen. There, I’m being honest. I’m sleepy and only pretending to work today while I daydream about leaving here at 4:30 and being asleep by 5:30. That’s today’s grand aspiration. Screw wittiness. Love you all.

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