I think I’ve made the most perfect salad ever. I’ve been eating the same salad everyday for dinner and I freaking love it. The flavors just meld together so perfectly; it isn’t even funny. While I am making my lunch, I also take the time to prepare my dinner since I work through the dinner hours.

I start with a hefty bed of spinach. It seems to be 2-3 oz depending on the day, then I put on about 2.5 tbsp of Thousand Island Yogurt Dressing made by Bolthouse Farms. It’s only 70 calories and 3 grams of fat for 2 tbsp, but I know that I use a little more than that but most of it ends up pooled at the bottom of my container at the end and I don’t eat it. It is necessary though, I will specify in just a moment why.

I dice a boiled egg and add that, then I slice 8 slices of cucumber and quarter them. I also add a whole plum tomato minus the ends, these I also slice and quarter. I prefer small bites. After that, I add 3-4 mushrooms that have been sliced, a layer of olive slices, a small handful of baby shrimp and that’s that.

I used to also use Bleu Cheese, but I’ve been broke and couldn’t afford it so I skipped it this week and last week. I might add it again because I freaking love it. The salad is perfect without it though, so maybe not.

Well, everything goes (SQUEEZED) into a three cup Glad Ware container. I stick that in the fridge for a few hours until I leave for work. I leave it out of the fridge while at work because I don’t like really cold food. I tend to pick at the top three ingredients while at work and that keeps me from snacking on the provided snacks and candy.

I then put the lid back on and shake the heck out of the whole thing. It mixes the flavors so darn perfectly, the dressing drenches everything and mixes with the juices of the tomato and the cucumber and makes an amazing flavor. I leave it for a while and then eat when I get really hungry again, which is usually when I get home. Perfection.


I completed all of my goals for the day. I decided that I was going to walk to my second bus today instead of taking the first one at all. It was a nice walk. I don’t think that it is quite far enough to actually consider it a workout, but it fits with the weekly goal to get moving. I am going to do more time on the bus tomorrow and less time in the car because it makes me have to walk more.

I don’t know what the total will be, but I want to get in more activity this week. I’d really like to see the number on the scale on Monday show up as in the 270s. It isn’t actually a goal, but I would love to see it. I think that I also might go in to work a little early tomorrow.

Geeze, it looks like it will be a very busy day. That’s okay, I just need to fuel myself up.

I know that this is a long entry but I just wanted to comment on how differently I already feel in my own skin. I am so much more comfortable and confident. It’s probably because I am aware of the changes that I am making and whether or not they are visible yet, they are certainly felt inside. I can’t even believe how much better I feel in general.

It’s like a fog has been lifted. I just feel alive and content. It’s so hard to explain but I keep wondering why nobody who loses weight expresses just how much more amazing you feel, yet here I am failing to describe it myself. I never felt this in my past attempts.

If anyone is reading this who is contemplating major or minor weight loss, go for it, you’ll feel awesome so quickly. The first few days are rough, but you’ll get through it. I think that I finally believe in myself, that’s the best thing.

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