It’s a new era for me. It’s like when I was in elementary school and none of the kids liked me because I was white and then one girl did because I drew a cool picture. Ah, second grade.

I’ve felt a little bit like that here in the health blogger world, well in the world of weight loss in general. I refuse to eat any “diet” products or give up decadent food and drink, especially decadent drinks containing rum. I don’t drink that much but I love what I do drink. Frankly, I feel that Fat Free generally translates into suck. Fat Free cheese? I’d rather chew on my elbow.

A world of lean cuisine and diet coke is not one that interests me in the least.

I’ve found it a little hard to find my place in the blogosphere and healthy living world with these feelings. I want the fat and calories and I want to savor and enjoy them when I have them. Healthy doesn’t have to be bland and I don’t have to obsess over grams of fat. I’ll workout a little harder so that I can eat that salami, thank you very much.

Well, the little awkward white girl has finally found her place.

Hollaback Health

I found this group from reading some of the blogs of the girls involved and was so excited to see others who felt like me.

Hollaback Health is about breaking out of the molds of usual health blogging. We want to see more creative, constructive, and generally awesome blogging about our bods.

I’ll be posting there starting next week and I hope that those following my blog will also follow us there.

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