Maybe it’s because I’m part Native American but the whole Thanksgiving thing has always seemed a little trite. I mean, I love the food, the hours of cooking with my mother, and watching the awkward family dynamics as we pretend that we all don’t dislike each other or disapprove of each other’s life choices but it’s always felt like a fake holiday to me.

Of course the Native Americans and white men were friends! Thanks for your germs.

How terribly upbeat, right?

I know that as a weight loss blogger, I’m supposed to come online and tell you allllllll about how I’m going to stay healthy and not derail my weight loss over Thanksgiving but I’m really not going to do that. It’s a fucking holiday (albeit a fraudulent one) and I’m going to enjoy every morsel I eat and drink.

Being too restrictive is just as detrimental as overindulging.

Plus, if my mom’s parents are coming over, calories be damned, I’m going to need a few Buttered Rums to get through the day. I’m just sayin’…

This year will be interesting, though, because our original family plans fell through last minute and now we’re trying to decide what to do. We didn’t even go grocery shopping yet. It’s going to be a makeshift day.

My mother’s parents aren’t coming (and there will be much rejoicing in the land!).

But we will have another guest. One I like much better. I’ll let you speculate.

Maybe I won’t be jealous when we stuff the turkey.

On the thought of getting stuffed, I don’t care about the equivalent of how long I have to work out to work off the delicious food. I don’t care if I’m breaking all the rules of virtuous eating, I don’t even care if I gain weight because of that extra helping of Scalloped Corn.
We tout the idea of finding balance and on Thanksgiving I’m going to try to find balance by not obsessing over a few pounds I’ll probably be set back because I’ll be enjoying the day. In the spirit of balance and enjoying the day, though, I’ll also be watching my portion sizes so that I don’t get too full (or drunk) to properly enjoy the day. Food babies are just uncomfortable.

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