Today was all about getting enough calories. I purposely chose foods that I knew were both nutrient dense and calorie dense. One small mistake, though, was that I didn’t realize that I accidentally bought regular yogurt, not low fat or fat free. Oops. It’s okay, I won’t last that many days and then I will get the right kind. I think that I will probably gain weight this week but I don’t care because I need to focus on getting enough to eat, getting my energy back, and getting my metabolism working.

I am trying to eat six little meals a day and I’m finding that really hard. I didn’t think it would be so but it is. I got almost 2000 calories today which I calculated roughly to be my Resting Metabolic Rate and where I need to be eating. I had to do a little last minute eating tonight to get up that high, though, and added in some last minute fiber too. I want to make fiber a strong focus for a while. I have been focusing for a long time on iron because I was anemic, but I don’t think that I am anymore and so want to shift my focus to fiber because of it’s many benefits.

I am thoroughly enjoying having carbs and wine back in my allowed menu. I’ve been sipping some wine as I do my evening activites, being careful not to drink more than the allowed amount. While I really enjoy wine, vodka, rum, and other such beverages (I don’t like beer though) I’ve never been a heavy drinker. I’ve only been really tipsy a few times and never drunk. It just doesn’t appeal to me like that.

I’m also trying to work in othe foods that aren’t part of my normal menu. A few nights ago I tried black beans for the first time. I loved them. Their flavor is full and amazing. They will officially become part of my menu. I don’t really know what else to add but I need to increase my options or I will get bored and won’t get a full range of nutrients. One problems that I have, though, is that there is an entire class of vegetables that I just don’t really like. I don’t like the gourd vegetables. I love the leafy green ones but I want more variety. I may love broccoli, brussels sprouts, spinach, and green beans but you need more variety than that.

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