Dr. House says that we should blog about our poop. Okay, so anybody else who watched that episode is now shaking their head at me thinking that he actually said that it is good to have some secrets and didn’t actually tell the patient that she should have blogged about her poop, but alas, I am using the memory of the episode for my own purposes.

Ever since learning on that episode that when you become a vegetarian and your body uses the nutrients more effectively your poop becomes small, hard, and pellet like (like a rabbit’s he says) I’ve starting paying more attention to mine. It’s an interesting piece of data to track. Between that, my weight fluxuations, energy levels, and measurements I’ve learned a huge amount about which foods are best for me and which I may want to pass on. I’ve also learned a bit about which combinations work best and things like that. If you can get past the “This is disgusting, I’m looking at my poop,” it is quite informative… and come on, who doesn’t take a pre-flush peek?

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