Well, that was an awkward silence.

I was going to put a GIF there but I don’t know how to use them. I’m not actually sure how I get by in life at all. I really don’t have very many life skills.

Mostly I rely on my smart phone… I don’t even know what I’m talking about right now.

Last we spoke, I was still a heartbroken mess, trying to get my life back on track as a once again single lady. Ooh, and I baked a cake because my sister grew a baby. Kudos to her! I even like the baby.

Unfortunately, I get creeped out by photos of children on the internet so you don’t get to see him. Sorry.


So, can you keep a secret?

I’m in the process of a few very big life changes.

The proof is in the fact that I changed my hair color again. See?

New Profile

Back to my natural color!

As we speak, I’m looking a new apartments, preparing myself over the next six months to leave my job, am taking Computer Engineering classes, will be importing one of my best friends from California (since I don’t know how to make new ones), and will be striking out as a full-time self employed fool and part-time engineering student.

Also, I quit opera. I can’t remember if I’ve mentioned that here. I mean, I still sing loudly in my apartment but that’s mostly to annoy my grumpy neighbor.

I took a few months of very serious emotional and physical detox to rethink my long term goals and what actually makes me happy, as opposed to what I think should make me happy. After realizing that the thing that kept coming back again and again as a theme was having freedom and control, I realized that I would probably never be happy being an employee of any sort. I’m way too bratty for that.

While I love my team, my company, my boss, and the never ending supply of really good coffee, I’ve always wanted to build something of my own. So, I’m taking the steps to do just that. I found something I was good at in an odd place and I’m just going with it.

I’ve barely started to tell people in my daily life but I’m a firm believer in declaring your intentions as a way to keep moving forward. I’ve been pouring over spreadsheets of my costs vs income, calculating how much I’ll realistically need to live on in the future. I’ve been looking up the tax codes so I don’t go to prison for tax evasion. I’ve been doing (what feels like) endless amounts of research to how best go about this and what the common pitfalls and stumbling blocks are. I’ve made flowcharts!

The last sentence isn’t true.

But the rest of it is and it’s really exciting to envision a future, six months from now, where I get up at an ungodly early time of the morning for my own work instead of for someone else’s company.

Or, as the delusional voices in my head prefer, I’ll just work from here:


Oh Mexico, how I fondly (and barely) remember you…

Anyway, I’ll be talking more about the changes over the next few months as I try to create a routine and good work habits, all the while trying to get back into the good health habits I once had.

Originally I had called this website Jogging in Stilettos because I was making fun of my tendency to try and do twenty things at once and because I run from thing to thing. Now it feels appropriate in so many more ways due to the odd mixture of things I’m juggling in life.

It’s been good.

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