Is it just me or is it really annoying to have to answer to people about why you’re doing the things your doing? Like, when I go get lunch with people and they find it necessary to ask why I don’t want the bread and why I ask about if there’s sugar in something.

Look, I’m a fat girl asking about nutrition data. Is it really difficult to deduce that I’m trying to lose weight?

I get that when people see me not drinking they wonder a little bit, “hmm… might she be pregnant?” considering that I also have more color in my face than normal and kind of have what people interpret as a pregnancy glow going on. It also doesn’t help that I replaced a few of my old bras so adding a slight change in how my boobs look above everything else really makes people start to wonder.

For the last time, I’m not pregnant.

Why is it, though, that I’m so reluctant to discuss my weight loss in general? I don’t like to tell people why I’m not joining in and eating the peach cobbler. I don’t like to admit that I’ve lost 75lbs. I really don’t like talking about my “goal weight” and any of that.

I’m a bit of an open book (understatement of the year…) so I get that people feel really free to ask me about anything that seems different but sometimes I just want to be left alone about it.

Gosh, I sound bitchy today!

Why do people think it’s strange to not indulge, though? What’s the issue? Why do I need to be questioned just because I don’t want to eat, drink, or smoke that? (Someone tried to get me join in smoking cigarettes a few days ago. I said no. Oh yeah, and I’m allergic to smoke!) Shouldn’t people’s personal choices about what to consume be respected and considered their business?

You’ll have to excuse the ranty nature of this post today. I’ve had a hell of a week and I’m glad it’s over! Please tell me, though, I’m not the only one with these annoyances!

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m July 24, 2011, 2:11 pm

People can be so fucking annoying. Whenever people ask, “Why aren’t you eating ___?” I just say, “I’m not into ___ right now.”

DefineDiana July 28, 2011, 6:18 am

I am very much with you on this. I’m not a big fan of discussing why I’m making the decisions that I am making about food. Other people don’t have to explain their choices, why do I feel like I have to defend mine? It cane be very frustrating. Every time I eat with a group of people, I feel like I am being judged, and it makes me so paranoid to ask questions about nutrition at a resturant.

Yep, I definitely understand what you are talking about!

Andie July 28, 2011, 1:40 pm

You are NOT the only one with these annoyances! I’ve hit 40, so people have finally (mostly) stopped asking me if I’m pregnant every time I order club soda or bottled water at a bar, which is too bad, because I’ve finally gotten to the point at which I’d be very comfortable saying, no, I’m just fat, but thanks for asking.

You probably have a pretty good sense for when the person asking actual cares and is someone you respect. I can tell, and when those people say something, I’m totally fine.

What is discouraging at times is how many people with whom I have no relationship, or for whom I have only minimal respect, take it upon themselves to educate me or judge me. Or, my personal thing-I’ve-got-to-let-go-of, thin people who tell me they’ve just GOT to lose 5 pounds because they can’t stand being so fat. Some people I consider(ed) to be fairly close friends have done that to me, and while I know everyone has their own body image issues, don’t they get that someone with 80+ pounds to lose might read something into a comment about how fat someone who wears a size 6 feels?

auntiekim August 2, 2011, 6:21 am

Ughhhh. I haven’t gotten the ‘are you pregnant?’ thing, but I have gotten ‘is your health ok?’ I’ve lost 75 pounds too. In the beginning I was happy to tell everyone about every pound I lost, but somewhere around 40 pounds I realized that people were starting to do mental math and that made me uncomfortable. I mean, I’m obviously way overweight…that’s no secret. But they don’t need to know my exact starting weight, or my goal weight!

@Andie, skinny people talking about how they need to lose weight drives me absolutely batty!