So, I have taken over Kendra’s blog because I want to get the word out. What “word” you ask? My words. The words of “Sugar Muffin.” For the record, I would like to loudly and boldly state that I DID NOT CHOOSE THIS NAME NOR DO I CONDONE ITS USE NOR DO I LIKE IT. But what is that among old friends such as Kendra and I?

In retaliation I have hacked into her blog account and written my own post. Don’t ask me how I did it. Its a special skill. Illegal. But special.

Today I am going to talk about subconscious weight loss. I like to think of it as tricking myself into losing weight. Or, trying to trick myself into losing weight. It goes like this. Think about eating healthy and working out more but DO NOT actually say, mentally or verbally, that you are going to do it. So, if it doesn’t happen or I mess up there is no need to feel guilty because I haven’t “fallen off the wagon.” Can we say “passive aggressive”? I can’t say that it is a highly successfully method. There might be a little success but it is very slow and really not effective in the long run.

I believe this stems, at least in my own case, from failure in previous years to successfully complete a diet or get to the goal weight. I tend to get really motivated and “gun ho” (Is that how it is spelled?) and then it fizzles later on. I am learning, slowly and slowly, that it really has to be a change in lifestyle. I have to want to change my lifestyle for “me”. Yes, I want the outcome of being thinner and healthy but it has to be because “I” want it. Not because of society or family or friends. I honestly believe that doing it just for someone else won’t keep “you” going. Although, friends and family can help you get to the goal of “A happy, healthier you” they won’t keep you there.

So, while you may need to lose weight or get in shape or start eating healthier foods or all of those combined figure out why you want to do it, how you want to do it, and do it. I do not mean to say that it is easy. I should know. I am still figuring out the “why part”. But your health is on the line. If it hasn’t caught up to you yet it will in the future. Dum, dum, dum…

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