I lost another two pounds this week and was strangely disappointed. I have a feeling that I actually lost more and that I’m still just retaining water from Saturday night. I think that I will do another weigh in tomorrow morning.

I will wait on all the measurements again until next week, but I want to know how much of the weight loss slow down was because of the alcohol and sugar and how much of it was because I added some things back into my diet again. I do feel slightly swollen in my hands today.

I should be happier, I still lost weight and I lost inches and inches in my measurements (YAY!) but that number on the scale is really more important to me than it should be.

Anyway I have some goals to establish for this week:

1) No cheating and plan your meals – I think that this will help me to be on top of it a little more. I did a good deal of ad-libbing this week.

2) Get moving even more – I think that this week I will alter my bussing again so that I have to do more walking. I’ll also try to add something during the day.

3) No cheating! – This week I had a few meals that were potential cheats, although I don’t think that they actually were. I also had the blatant cheat of Saturday night. This is my last week on phase one so I should make it a good one.

I ended up missing my freaking bus today, I ran for it and I’m sure that the driver saw me but he just drove away. I was so angry! Yet between that, Saturday night where I ran for a few seconds in and out of a store, and today when I ran to make it into a store before it closed, I’ve realized that I am ready to run.

Perhaps not for a long time, nor very fast, but I am ready to start. It’s the same feeling I had several weeks ago when I knew that I was ready to start eating healthy and losing weight. I tend to get this feeling just before I make a big change in life, right when I am on the verge of a big decision. The feeling itself doesn’t really mean anything, but it is a good indication of when I am actually ready for a change. It’s the manifestation of my internal process. I’m ready to work more and ready to run.

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