I didn’t know what to expect this week. I worried that I was going to have gained weight again and that I would drown my sorrows in a bathtub full of Spiked Chai. As usual, I weighed myself on Saturday after sleeping an inordinate amount of time (in which I seem to lose three pounds every week) and was nearly devastated to see the scale at 264.8lbs. I sucked it up and went to my massage therapy appointment to see my new massage therapist.

Am I right to be angry that no one notified me until my usual reminder phone call that my massage therapist was no longer there? I was really mad. I mean, this woman touches my butt. I don’t let just anyone do that. For some people it’s really hard to tolerate physical contact that is completely out of their control. I am one of those people.

She was fine but not as good. I’m giving it three sessions before I hunt my old MT down like the stalker I am.

I realized last week that part of my problem over the last few weeks has been the fact that I haven’t had the proper foods and snacks on hand. So, I went shopping. I told myself at the outset of it that I was not going to pay attention to how much I was spending, that I was just going to get what I needed and go. So I did.

On Sunday I got on the scale again in the desperate hope that it would have magically changed. Apparently I have a Fairy Godmother or Frank has started being nicer to me. It said that I was back down to 261lbs. Bless you Frank, we can be friends again.

I knew that I’d be up a little more this morning because I always am. Go figure, I weigh more at 6:00am than I do at 12:00pm (my Sunday wake up time… don’t judge me). Over all, the whole thing is good news. I might not be a weight loss degenerate after all. Not a weight loss degenerate…

The Plan and The Goals

How terribly exciting, I now get to talk not only about my goals but The Plan. Some day I’ll tell you why The Plan has significance and why I snicker/giggle every time I say the term. That’s a story for another day.

So, how did I do?

The Plan

Focus on Fitness Goals: So far so good. Goals are so much easier when they are tasks and not a frame of mind but despite a shopping trip and a hair appointment this week, I really have continued to focus on my fitness rather than my looks.

Fuel for Fitness: I’ve done pretty darn well with this, even on the weekend. I even burned cooked a steak for myself (Don’t watch TV while cooking… just don’t). It was still delicious which is strange when you consider that I don’t like beef.

Measure Myself Monthly: This was so hard this morning. I was like 98% sure that I would have dropped some inches from the last measurements and I wanted to see that. I’m waiting though.

Last Week’s Goals

Do Weight Training Once: Oddly I was in the mood this week so I did it twice. Strange, I know. The second time I ever recorded exactly what I did to create a start point for the next times.

Run Twice: Does a minute and a half count? See, I wanted to see how long I could run without stopping because I really want to run a race at some point. I wanted to see what my starting point is. Unfortunately I tried to find this out right after my first weight training session in MONTHS. I basically said “Eff this” after a minute and a half. After that I was just so sore that it didn’t feel like an option until the weekend when I just wanted to do weights again. So, fail I guess,

Proper Meals: More or less. I hit more often than I missed.

This Week’s Goals

Run Twice: Once with intervals and once just to see how long I can run without stopping. Then I’ll stop when I feel like I’m going to die and walk for a while and do intervals for the rest of it… hopefully without actually dying.

Weight Training Twice: I was digging it this week so I’m going to try to keep the flow going. I hope that in the next few weeks I won’t be sore as long so that I can do it more often and not feel like I’m going to collapse for the rest of the week.

Two Vegetables with every meal: I should probably eat a larger variety of vegetables. I already eat one hearty serving with every meal but I’m going to try for wider variety as well.

So, what are your goals for this week? How do you deal with extreme soreness from weight training? Am I a pansy for sticking with using machines for 70% of weight training?

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