It really sucks that I’m still backtracking from one really bad week and the mini stall but I’m almost there. I was honestly shocked to have lost anything this week. Not only did I begin the monthly blood bath on Saturday, but I also didn’t work out much this week. Oh and there was the incident with the mysteriously empty bottle of wine…

I think I must have gotten one of those trick self emptying bottles because half way through my Damages marathon it was suddenly gone. I mean, I had been up half the night “sipping” wine and lamenting the fate of characters I liked, but who would have known that after four hours of sipping the bottle would actually be gone? Really.

No, I’m not making excuses. I’m just telling what I did and why I didn’t expect a loss this week. Incidentally I will NOT be opening my own bottles of wine for quite some time. I think that I’ll wait for the bruising and swelling on my face to subside before I do so again.

Oh, how did that happen, you ask? Well, I was opening a bottle of wine on Sunday night (for communion, mind you) and the cork was stuck in harder than usual. Somehow, despite pulling it away from my body, when it came loose, the top of the metal corkscrew (non pointy, thank GOD!) came into fast and hard contact with my cheek bone/eye socket.

It hurt enough that I almost started crying. First I was worried that I had just given myself a black eye. A few minutes later when the real pain kicked in, I was thisclose to being convinced that I had broken my cheek bone.

I took some pain medication and went to bed.

This morning I applied liberal amounts of cover up to avoid looking like a battered woman. I’ll spare you all the pictures. As a side note, I can now highly recommend Benefit Cosmetics cover up. Disclaimer: They did not pay me to hit myself in the face with metal objects and give a subsequent digital “thumbs up” to their products. I authentically like them and would not hit myself in the face for pay. I would be happy to pimp out my face for reviewing free cosmetics, though. Just for the record.

So, I’m supposed to talk about goals and the plan now, right? Okay.

The Plan

Focus on Fitness Goals: I did a lot of research this week but not a lot of action. I guess you could say that this part of the plan is still in effect because I am focusing on fitness but I didn’t focus enough to actually do something.

Fuel for Fitness: I ate fabulously this week.

Measure Myself Monthly: I’m still resisting but I want to.

This Week’s Goals

Run Twice: Let’s Just Not

Weight Training Twice: I did like five minutes of this to show my mother some new exercises. Fail.

Two Vegetables with every meal: I did awesomely at this. I also overuse the word awesome.

This Week’s Goals

Monday Workout: Leah posted 11 Tips For Exercising Regularly a few weeks ago and with the exception of morning workouts (never gonna happen…) I’m going to try to follow the advice. If you aren’t reading her blog yet, I highly recommend it.

Get to the gym three times: Here’s the thing, if I go to the gym I work hard. It’s just getting myself there that’s the problem. Like tip #4 in Leah’s post, if I can just get myself out the door, things are good. Often I do lie to myself and say that I’ll take it easy or only do ten minutes and that’s enough to get me going.

Two Vegetables with every meal: I know that this was one of last week’s goals but it merits repeating because it was a really good goal.

Eat Breakfast at home: With my old schedule I ate breakfast at work because my mornings looked like this: Get up, find pants, find keys, go to work. Then in the early mornings at work I would eat breakfast, do my makeup, and wake up. Now that I don’t have to be here so early I should eat at home.

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