Whaaaaaaa??? Like, really?

That’s pretty much what I said when I stepped on the scale on Sunday morning afternoon evening when I woke up. On Sunday it actually told me that I was 248lbs which sounds so much cooler without the numbers after the decimal point. I always weigh a little more on Monday morning, though, because I’m up earlier so the decimal must remain in the official weigh in.

On Friday I told you all that I thought I was going to gain weight this week. I really did think that a gain was going to happen. I ate more this week. I did weight training. I ran like a mofo. Okay, so the last one does support weight loss but the other two have a tendency to make me show a gain. Oh… and there was the plentifully flowing vodka.

As a caveat, I had to tear myself away from my laptop on Wednesday night too keep myself from doing a drunken post. I kind of wish that I had done so, but didn’t want to look like a Hyperbole and a Half wannabe. Instead I just tweeted too much and wrote an unscrupulous Facebook update.


I guess that you can say that I’m out of last week’s funk now so I’m back to wanting to spill every little detail to you all. Ahem… about weight loss that is… mostly.

With the first week of training runs under my slightly smaller belt (I measured and I’m totally losing inches again) I feel a bit like a Bad Ass Mother F*cker and am on the lookout for running underwear with BAMF written on the butt… or it written out, either way is fine with me.

What? I told you all that I love ridiculous underwear

I hope that I can get it in a bunch of bright colors (polka dots would be a huge bonus) to match my running socks, tank tops, and head bands. I’d be lying if I said that I wasn’t totally and completely nervous for this week’s runs. I’m probably going to feel that way every week.

I started week one wondering if I could actually do the runs and they all went beautifully. Saturday’s run was the only real challenge and that was mostly because I already wasn’t feeling well and I was having stomach distress. The last five minutes were painful enough that I wondered if I was going into labor sans baby.

The odds of me having offspring just significantly decreased.

Today I’ll be revamping the running playlist to reflect the change in length of the running stints. I don’t know what it is but a good playlist gets me all kinds of giddy.

Okay, I have too much to say today and not enough brain power to actually form coherent thoughts. We’ll hope that the rest of the week is better. Let’s talk about goals!

Last Week’s Goals
Go Grocery Shopping: Fail.
Start Training: I made running my bitch, thank you very much
After Work Smoothies: I partook on one of these every day that I worked out.
Get Organized Again: Fail.

This Week’s Goals
Do Training Runs: If I can get through this week I might just start to feel confident about my ability to do this race without dying and/or wimping out.
Strength Training Twice: Once for upper body and once for lower body.
After Work Smoothies: I think I can credit these with the success of last week, so let’s do this again.
Eat More Vegetables: Somehow I’ve been pretty lacking in this area.

So, what are your goals for the week?

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