Confession: This weekend was like a cheesy early ninety’s movie. I’m pretty sure that if the story of this weekend was told to Molly Ringwald, she’d respond, “Bitch, you stole my movie!”

For real, it was all kinds of girl feels thwarted in love so girl goes out to start over. Girl meets guy and impulsively decided to try out the art of a one night stand. Girl goes home with him.

Girl regrets her actions and sneaks out in the morning, girl laments her stupidity. Girl spends time with her mom (but doesn’t tell her) trying to forget the previous night.

Girl impulsively decides to go out again that night. Girl is not feeling it and is just about to leave. Girl sees long lost boy across the room who she stupidly wouldn’t give her number to a few months ago, despite spending a lot of time together and really liking him.

Girl thought that she would never see him again when he disappeared after the last time she refused him and was lamenting that very fact in a text to her friend just a few minutes ago.

Girl and boy make eye contact from across the room. Girl pushes her way through the crowd to get to boy.

Girl and boy fling themselves at each other in the middle of the dance floor. Boy hugs girl so hard that he picks her up. Girl and boy kiss in the middle of a crowded room, oblivious to all others. Boy says, “I guess you missed me.” Girl nods and smiles. Boy says, “I missed you too.”

Cue Don’t Stop Believing

See, there’s exposition, conflict, rising action (no pun intended), climax (a few actually… pun intended), and resolution.

The only exception to the movie theme is the rats’ nest that seems to be becoming a permanent fixture on the back of my head. I’ve had to actually brush my hair.

Here’s the scary thing; this boy might actually be serious about me. Dude’s been trying for months to get my info. For the first three months I knew him I wouldn’t even tell him my name. I don’t know why I’ve played so hard to get with him but I can’t imagine why he’s continued to try and try. It literally took him five months and three days to get my phone number.

Figuring out how the fuck relationships actually work is a new stage in my life. I don’t know what I’m doing.

My focus on weight loss is definitely falling by the wayside while I navigate this new road. I’m still in the game, certainly, but the obsessive attention I put into weight loss is now split. Sure, I’m still trying to get in cardio but it’s not the kind you do on a treadmill… well, not without the risk of serious injury.

I’m pretty sure that the gain from this week was actually due to the fact that I weighed myself about two hours earlier than normal combined with the fact that I chugged a 22oz bottle of water just prior, and further retention from a medication.

That’s all to say that I’m not losing my progress or my determination. I can have other things in my life besides the obsession of weight loss. I don’t really feel like making goals this week so I’m just not going to. I know what to do; I know how weight loss works. I’m happy with my progress and am not frantic to see overnight changes.

It becomes a dangerous progression when weight loss is the only thing one had going for them and I’m happy for a richer life with slower progress.

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