Okay, let’s talk about the fact that I have officially lost 50lbs now. I’m a motherfucking badass. Yes, please so praise me in the comments, retweet this post and compose an oratory to my less fat greatness. Yes, please do indulge my narcissism.

Okay, I’m kidding… sort of.

I am really excited, though, and feel like I ought to be happy dancing all day long. Sadly, that might get me fired.

I didn’t expect to lose weight this week so it came as quite a surprise. Certainly it was a happy surprise, but all the same unexpected.

After the week of anxiety and a mix of other emotions it was so nice to see this. Thankfully the anxiety has also gone away. Funny how actually talking to the object of your anxiety can do that. Maybe the absinthe helped too. I know that I said a WHOLE lot that night but that’s not the conversation I was talking about.

My weekend had very little to do with weight loss but it definitely resolved a lot of things. Actually, I will tie it all in, don’t worry. I swear, it’s relevant.

So, on Friday night I tried absinthe (okay, this really does have nothing to do with weight loss but OMG was it strange) with my family (strange family bonding, right?) and The Visitor. I may or may not have said some very interesting things. By that I mean I did.

The next morning I was feeling so anxious about what I might have said (and did say! Which if you’d like to see the juicy details of the stupid shit I do while intoxicated, you really ought to be following me on Twitter @KendraForrest. I warn you, I do a bit of drunk tweeting on weekends. Sorry I’m not sorry.) that I knew I needed to do something to stop feeling so anxious and acting so strange.

That evening we finally talked… sober. We’re taking a step back. Immediately after the conversation, things went back to how we used to be… minus the messing around.

I went home and cried. I woke up the next morning and cried. Then I went back and spent the day with him. It was a really good day too. I cooked lunches for the week and gave him some of it along with the recipe. The important thing, though, is that I was myself again. We went back to laughing, teasing, fighting like children, and me chasing him through the apartment while he tried to shoot me with a plastic BB gun. We’re mature like that.

It’s good to be friends.

It wasn’t me.

I’m still going to hit on him again in the future when things are resolved with him.

I also found out that the disappearance of The Boy was also not about me. We might be in contact again. Thanks for the self esteem boost universe, I had started to feel like a bit of a reject.

So, with the anxiety abolished, I started eating real food again. I cooked lunches for the week and am back in the game.

And I fucking lost 50lbs!

See, it kind of tied in…

Let’s talk goals!

Last week I failed. There, that summarizes that.

This Week’s Goals

1. Do the workouts on your calendar: I made a schedule for myself this week that includes both strength training and running.

2. Eat Vegetables: I haven’t been getting enough real, raw vegetables so I’ll make that a priority this week.

I’m going easy on myself this week to get back into the swing of things for real. What are your goals?

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