Can I get a “fuck yeah?”

Thank you.

So, apparently I haven’t lost all ability to actually lose weight. Apparently my reflection last week that “failure is only inevitable if I make it so” really is true. I’m starting to suspect that I might have more of a clue about life than anyone previously expected. I’m certainly exceeding my own expectations.

Last week was definitely difficult on multiple accounts but it also was incredibly productive. I went to an employment agency and have started making serious progress on acquiring a job. I have a few very strong prospects. I stuck with the no sugar thing all week. I also had “the talk” with that certain someone.

Can you say “fucking scary” in six different languages? Well, I felt it in all of them if you can. Also, can you think of the worst possible time to have such a conversation? I’d say I found it.

Location: In bed

Time: 2am, you’re both falling asleep

Circumstances: You’re angry, exhausted, and slightly tipsy because you broke your vow and had a drink. He’s been hit by a car, is in pain, has had way more than his share to drink, and is only awake enough to grunt “yes” when you ask “can we go somewhere and talk for a little tomorrow?”

For the record, if you’ve been refusing to drink all weekend and in the middle of the night suddenly ask such a thing, he might think you’re about to tell him that you’re pregnant.

I’m not!

Result: You frighten him enough that he wants to talk now. You are not prepared and botch your words. You miscommunicate what you are trying to ask and therefore get a whole set of answers that you were not looking for.

I think that I mostly managed to clarify and while I may not have told him the things that I wanted to, I got the information I was looking for. The whole conversation made me realize that I really can trust my instincts and that I really don’t need the advice and opinions of those around me.

I might really be growing up after all.

I think it’s been a successful week.

Eight pounds and a whole lot of weight off my shoulders.

Let’s talk goals!

Last Week’s Goals

1. Run twice – I forgot what sugar withdrawals felt like and the fact that exercise was simply not going to happen the first week. So, yeah, this is a fail but I’m not sorry. I still lost eight pounds and will get on running in this next week.

2. Strength Train twice – Refer to the above goal.

3. No sugar – So… there was that one drink on Saturday night. Besides this I was flawless in pulling off this goal. Fortunately the Irish Carbomb didn’t really negatively affect my weight loss. It did, on the other hand, very impress my certain someone with my chugging skills. Win.

4. Bed by midnight – I did pretty well with this one. I didn’t keep track of if I actually made it perfectly or not but I slept earlier and slept well.

5. Drink water like a mofo – I downed water like a champ.

This Week’s Goals

1. Strength Train three times – The wonderful Suzanne of Workout Nirvana was sweet enough to not only read the entire email I sent her but also help me out with a plan to strength train. She also told me that I had to do it three times a week. I might curse her a little bit for this but I’m going to follow her advice.

2. Run at least once – I’m not actually sure how I’ll feel jumping right in on strength training so I’m going to give myself a lighter goal for running. Feeling better this week, I should be able to keep these goals.

3. No sugar… again – Same as before without the hating life. Thankfully there will be no sugar withdrawals this week so I won’t have to go through the same annoyances again. I will still look thoroughly high maintenance when I’m out with people, though.

4.  Be up at 8am – Since I’m pretty sure I’ll be starting some job soon, I ought to get myself back on a sleeping schedule that resembles that of the working world. That way, when I do start working again I won’t be a totally eff bomb dropping zombie for the first few weeks. That doesn’t really make the right first impression.

So, there we have it. Is anyone else starting over like I am? How are you doing at it? Yes, this is a shameless plug for moral support.

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