Wow, I mean, wow. It’s October.

While most people look forward to Starbuck’s Pumpkin Lattes and fall drinks, I look forward to Buttered Rum. It’s one of those drinks you have to slow down and savor because it’s so rich but it just feels like the epitome of cozy.

And it’s really helpful for weight loss.


With the advent of fall here in Seattle, I’m feeling that creative cooking buzz again and I can’t wait to play with all the seasonal flavors to see what I can make. Last year I had planned to experiment with new recipes and then I went boy crazy and forgot. Guess what we’re talking about tomorrow…

It’s odd, in terms of motivation, drive, and that little feeling of optimism; I’m feeling a lot like I did last year around this time. I haven’t felt like that in a long time. I want to write about goals, progress, recipes, workouts, and everything in between. I took the time to once again deal with the mental/emotional side of things and its put me back in that frame of mind where I’m looking for progress and what’s next.

So much of my focus, internal discussion, posting of late has been on internal development and self exploration and I needed that. Looking back on my journey thus far, I see the pattern of weight loss progress – internal progress – weight loss progress – internal progress, etc. It seems that the two can’t happen at once because both require so much mental space. I think that for the moment I’ve done about all I can do on the internal progress and am ready to reshift my focus once again to weight loss progress. After all, I need to get skinny so I can find a new man and go boy crazy again…

I’d say that’s a joke but we all know there’s probably some truth in that statement. Please note that it’s also oozing with sarcasm.

Let’s talk goals!

This week’s Goals

1. Do strength training routine three times: I’m told that you need to do it three times a week for it to really be effective. Fine, I’ll do something right for once.

2.  Go grocery shopping and make a meal plan: I have almost nothing left in my fridge and I do so much better when I plan ahead.

3. Drink a LOT of water: I’ve started drinking coffee and I’ve definitely  been feeling the dehydration kicking in. Need more water!

4. Go running once or twice: Let’s be honest, I don’t really want to but I should.

5. Cook ahead for this week and next week: Because I’m lazy.

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