Did you know that I’ve been sick all week? Yeah, that’s been fun. For real, though, you should just be really proud that I haven’t been bitching about it all week like I usually do. Why didn’t I? Because I was waiting on blood results to tell me what kind of sick I am. Since they aren’t forthcoming just yet, and since it’s Friday and I really want to complain like a spoiled white girl, I decided to just tell you all about it.

Oh wait, I might have mentioned it on Monday. Whatever.

The symptoms I first went back to the doctor for seem to not really have been an issue. My kidney is probably fine. I just have this damn chest cold, or for the much more dramatic sounding technical name: acute bronchitis. Dr. Google says that it can take up to two weeks to go away. Dear. God. No. I sound like a consumptive smoker. That shit’s only romantic in an opera and then it’s still bad because you know the leading lady is going to die at the end. There, I just ruined opera for you. If a character coughs; they die.

Unless it’s a Mozart opera, then all rules are off, good guys are really bad guys, lovers are really mothers, and everybody’s sleeping with everybody.

Um… focus has been a bit of a problem this week, did I mention that? No? Did you guess?


What was I talking about? Hold on, let me go back and read.

Well this post sucks so far. We’ll just call it shitty chic.

I’m really hoping to regain full lung capacity soon so that I can start working out again. I’ve been losing weight over the last few weeks and am starting to see changes again. I’d really like to help those changes along with some strength training.

I’ve decided that I want to look hot.

So, to wrap this thing up… and since I really can’t think of anything else (appropriate) to write, I’m going to do something completely and utterly unique in the blogging world. I’m pretty sure it’s never been done before. I’m going to answer ANY question you want to ask. Just leave me a comment with any question and/or questions you want answered and I will do so on Monday.

I’ll even be honest.

No really, don’t make me feel unpopular, ask something!

Feel free to do so anonymously if you want… like if you want to ask about something really sketchy. Fine by me.

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