There’s something about Thursday that I just don’t like. I never have. Maybe it’s because it steals the “T” glory from Tuesday or that it is so close to Friday that it feels like a weekly taunt. I don’t know but for some reason Thursday’s always seem to suck. Today is a good example of that. I got to work today, spilled my tea all over my desk and burst into tears.

I’m not a highly emotional person… umm, actually I’m not a highly openly emotional person. I regulate well. You all obviously see much more of my emotional side because you get to read my inner dialogue (lucky you?) but I don’t give many clues to what I am thinking and feeling in daily life. (Sugar Muffin, stop shaking your head… you’re an exception!) As I’ve mentioned before, if I had a theme song it would be Poker Face… or Sempre Libera (different story).

I have three weeks left of this schedule and I’m crying over spilled half and half. Not good. Once again I am asking my readers for advice. How do you get “rest” when you can’t actually get rest? With the exception of cocaine (probably) I’m pretty much willing to try anything. Actually, let’s avoid anything that would get me arrested; I don’t think prison is very restful.

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