I fought with myself over what I was going to post today. I have about four topics that I wanted to cover but something that happened this morning changed it all. Today I introducing my first series here on the Blog and also doing some housecleaning.

Yesterday I was determined to go to sleep early, like old lady early. Instead of doing so, I got distracted. I had some errands that needed to be done first and that was fine. I did those, made my trip to my yoghurt and peanut butter grocery store (Yes, I do go to a particular grocery store just for yoghurt and peanut butter. Being poor as I am, I know which store in my town has the cheapest of which products. Safeway, for instance has the yogurt, cheese sticks, peanut butter, pistachios, and canned soda water. Fred Meyer has the produce (Except for; eggplant, those are always sketchy looking there so QFC wins that one), my dishes, Truvia, turkey bacon and flax bread. QFC has the market cornered for olives, mustard, lunch meat, and wine. Front Street Market wins on fish and chicken. My mother’s fridge is a pretty cheap source as well. With the exception of my mother’s fridge they are all within a mile radius of my apartment so it doesn’t cost me more in gas. I digress…), went home and worked for a little while on my blog makeover, and proceeded to stay up until 3:00am because I was just in that “zone.”

This morning I was aching from tiredness (and up in pounds, I’ll sleep it off though) and running late. When I got to work I discovered that because I was too tired yesterday and not paying attention I had bought plain yoghurt and not my favorite Vanilla. Now I know that I just said in my too long winded previous paragraph that I choose stores based on price but this is the one exception. I pay $0.50 more for a 32oz container at Safeway than I would at Fred Meyer because Safeway has the Fat Free variety that has the exact same amount of sugar, more calcium, more protein, and a smoother texture. I love it and look forward to it every morning. I was devastated. I sucked it up, added some banana slices and Truvia and still enjoyed it (though not as much as I would have enjoyed Vanilla).

For those of you who have made it this far, I bring up this mishap for two reasons; firstly, because I really wanted to whine to someone about it; and secondly, because it was making me think about weight loss distractions.

Please allow me to introduce the new series:

Weight Loss Distractions

For now it is a three part series about the things by which we are distracted and deterred from losing weight and living healthy. I’m not preaching here, they’re all things that I’ve dealt with. Each will also come with a fun “motivational” poster.

Those of us who are overweight know of roughly 6 million reasons why we should lose weight and why we want to lose weight. Yet most of us don’t. There are lots of ways from which this can be approached but because I am known for being easily distracted (especially by sparkly things) from what I intend to do and then things go awry.

Housekeeping: In the next few weeks I am making a few changes to my blog. I’m finally getting my amateur redesign finished and I will be buying my own domain. I’m sure that even after the switch to the new design I will continue to tweak it because, as anyone who has clicked on some of my links now will know, I don’t really know what I’m doing. I’m learning as I go and this will take some time to get things right.

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